Posted by: Libby Mojica | July 2, 2014

I’m filling in for Reese this week while he’s off adventuring. I will attempt to fill his shoes here for a few days.  We greatly appreciate your continued interest in the EagleTrak project.- Libby

Grace is testing her new found powerful wings and is taking flights from the patch of trees where her nest is to trees 700 feet across the river. Our volunteers monitoring her and her siblings say the trio is doing fine and are being well fed by the adults. Thanks to Jim Yanello for this recent photo of Grace on the wing.



This eagle has returned to an agricultural canal of some sort off Long Ridge Rd. He seems to have visited this spot several times in the past week. Wonder what the attraction is?

Camellia - yellow marker indicates most recent location

Camellia – yellow marker indicates most recent location


Thanks for the update, Libby. I was wondering if Reese was okay.

That little Stinker is still nearby! Stay put now!

It’s so cool to have Gracie to follow.

Thanks for the update Libby, been having withdrawal symptoms!

Thanks for the up date Libby and thank you Jim beautiful photo ..beautiful girl..

Thank you verrrry much for doing this, Libby. I love how many points you marked in this one.

Its really great that our wonderful team of photographers makes following our CCB eagles so exciting! I love being able to peek in on the journeys of our eagles and watching them mature. Grace, take care. Don’t push it! Hope you managed your first 4th of July well.
Libby, Great to see you here. Jim Y. thanks so much for your steadfast effort!
Cam, be mindful what you eat!

Thanks, Libby!!!!!