Posted by: rlukei | July 9, 2014

Camellia South of Hickory in Chesapeake July 8

Camellia has been wandering all about souhtern Virginia Beach and Chesapeake for the past two weeks. As of this satellite map he is off Murray Dr in Chesapeake just south of a landfill.

20140708 Cam20140708 Cam Murray Dr


Good to see you, Reese.

Thanks to Libby for taking the helm during the absence.

Thanks for the update. Welcome back, Reese.

Glad to see you stating around this area and I’m hoping you settle down here.

Stay put, let’s have lunch today?

Nice to have update, thanks Reese!!!

Thanks to Ms Libby for keeping an eye on our “babies” while Reese was away. I hope he settles here too Ms.Beverly..nice area.. NC doesn’t like NC..stinker Thanks Reese

Reese – this is very interesting. My sister and her husband were on their porch – they live on Murray Drive, and saw an eagle.

Correction – I was there that day, that time – housesitting. Had the dates wrong. They have seen an eagle flying over the cornfield behind their house and that is where one of his spots are. There are also ponds at the golf course there.

Did someone say golf course? Glad Cam is doing well, and hope he stays where we can see him once in a while (if its a quality lifestyle for him).
Thanks to everyone!