Posted by: rlukei | July 9, 2014

Grace and Sister Flying Over Thalia July 9

This morning, July 9, Grace and her sister were flying high over the Thalia neighborhood in Virginia Beach about one mile from their nest. This indicates that Grace has begun to expand her range. Note that the sibling of Grace has a broken tail feather (rectrice) on the right side. Grace coming in for a landing. Photos by Reese F Lukei Jr.

Eagle Grace 2014 074Eagle Grace 2014 027Eagle Grace 2014 045Eagle Grace 2014 084


The tail feather won’t bother her flying and grow back in right? Beautiful girl’s..Thanks for the photo’s and update

Way to go Reese, she was just waiting for you, unlike that Little Stinker!

Welcome back and great shots!

Thank you.

Its great to see the two young ones together! (Don’t worry sis, I got your back!)
This is an awesome ‘welcome home’ outing for Reese!
I’d be walking on air!