Posted by: rlukei | July 9, 2014

Grace Begins To Spread Her Wings July 7

Grace is still not wandering very far from her natal nest tree, but she has now flown across the western branch of the Lynnhaven River about two blocks from her nest. Grace seems a bit timid about leaving home, but that will change. One of her siblings fledged on June 5 and as best we can tell has not been back to the nest since June 9.

Shelly Fowler captured these two photos of Grace in flight on July 6.

Photo Grace Shelly FowlerPhoto 2 Grace Shelly Fowler


Welcome back Reese!

Beautiful Ms. Shelly..nice welcome home present for Reese

MR is looking good, great pictures Shelly!!

Hope to see her again, and again and again. Soon she will realize how easily she can hide from us!

Thanks Reese for the update and thanks to Libby for covering while you were away.

Beautiful! Thanks Shelly and Reese. Beverly, hopefully she will be happy to see you guys, and observe you for the rest of the summer, too!