Posted by: rlukei | July 10, 2014

More Photos of Grace and Sister

Photographer Beverly Nettleton has provided these photos of Grace and her sister. Photos 1, 2, and 3 were taken July 7. Photo 4 taken today, July 10. Thanks Beverly.

Grace in flight Nettleton 070714Grace bands B Nettleton 070714Grace on Nest Nettleton 070714Grace and Sister Nettleton 071014



Well these girl’s aren’t photo a stinker I know..Beautiful..Good job Ms. Beverly ..Thank you..

Super in-flight shot showing her antenna! And look at that next one… I can read her purple band!!!!! Nice shooting, Bev!
Interesting to see these two still spending time at the nest. I bet there was a lot of eaglet-whining going on.
Thanks for sharing with those of us who can’t take the heat πŸ™‚

Thank you Reese for the post!
Very nice pictures Beverly! Is that their nest that is pictured?

Way to go, Bev! You da man!!!

Again, wow and thank you.

Great shots, Bev. Thanks for sharing.

Yay Beverly! -Love that you are able to find her! Thanks for bringing us along with you!

Be safe, little Grace.