Posted by: rlukei | July 15, 2014

Camellia Visiting Shillelagh Rd – Chesapeake 7/14

Camellia has been visiting the area near the Grassfield section of Chesapeake off Shillelagh Rd. Looks like a large working farm with wide retention ponds is where Camellia has been fishing the past three days.

20140714 Cam20140714 Cam Shillelagh Rd


I see you were at Eagle Point Way for a time..know the area well but you are wandering again ..don’t remember if you have been here before..Reese these eagle’s sure love to explore..wheww!! Thank’s for the update

Response – Camellia has visited the Grassfield area before but closer to the high school and WalMart.

Sinkhole just reported on Shillelagh Rd. so anyone venturing out there be careful.

Oh, thank you for the update Reese! Glad to hear he is still close by!

Thank you Reese for the updates ..It is so good to see you so involved with these great raptors….We always look forward to hearing from you.