Posted by: rlukei | July 15, 2014

Grace Beginning to Expand Her Range July 14

Grace has begun to stretch her wings a bit further. For the past three mornings at 7am she has either been at the west end of Kings Grant Rd in Little Neck or in Thalia. Jim Yanello sent these photos of Grace on July 13. Looks like she has a little bit of damage to a tail feather, perhaps from an early crash landing.

Grace July 13 J YanelloGrace Close July 13 J Yanello


Great photos, Jim! Way to go. Seems like she’s coming for a visit, Reese.

Aww Poor baby girl’ll be o.k…Look’s like you have been in the mud with those “toe’s”..ha. Thank’s Jim for the photo’s..beautiful..Thank you Reese for the update..