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The Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) is a research and education non-profit organization. Our mission is to ensure the viability of bird populations within the mid-Atlantic region.

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In order to accomplish this mission, we integrate complimentary disciplines that we consider to be the three “cornerstones” of conservation.


We conduct basic and applied research focused on the functioning of mid-Atlantic ecosystems. We strive to select projects that not only fill information needs but also serve as catalysts to increase public awareness and stimulate related work within the region.


We educate the public about the conservation and significance of our natural resources. We also distribute significant research findings and information to educate resource planners and promote informed, responsible decision-making.


We initiate and develop comprehensive strategies for the conservation and preservation of mid-Atlantic resources and ecosystems. In addition, we assist local, state, and federal agencies in identifying the condition and distribution of sensitive coastal resources.

Visit www.ccbbirds.org to learn more about CCB.


I’ve noticed that one of these young eagles keeps standing on one leg and lifting the leg that has the band. Do you think that the band could be to tight or is causing a problem which could be harmful if not corrected soon? I worry that the eagle is uncomfortable because of this.

All birds stand on one leg, especially when resting or sleeping. It is normal for them to do so. The eagles are banded on both legs. There is a special purple band on their left leg that identifies the eagle as being from the Chesapeake Bay region. The band has two white letters. For these 3 it is HE, HH and HK. The right leg has an aluminum band with a unique number that goes into a data base that is used for research purposes.

I wonder if you could send me a scale of miles per inch or cm for Azalea’s travels. I do not see one or cannot read it.



Where can one find information on a tagged Bald Eagle ? I photographed a juvenile this past week that had a transmitter attached and the leg tag S-47. It would be nice if that information was included with other information provided for the Bald Eagles of the Chesapeake.

Thank You.

Wishing Reese a blessed and happy birthday today

Happy Birthday Reese and many blessings for today and always.Thank you for everything you do we appreciate you.

Happy Happy Birthday Reese. Wishing you a fantastic day of happiness.

Many, many Happy Birthday wishes to you, Reese!! You have been our mainstay for such a long time, and we want YOU to have a super birthday with lots of bird hugs and people hugs. Thank you so much!!

Happy, happy Birthday to Reese. What a wonderful time you had with Marianne and Congowings. Congratulations.

Happy Birthday Mr. Lukei !! May your day be as wonderful as you are!!

Camelia visited a neighbor’s tree on the Chelsea / BBPG canal to dine on a fish yesterday about 3:00pm and then returned this morning with another fish. Several crows harassed her to another tree and then away. I can send several photos if you provide an address. Feb 5, 2010

Is everything ok? Haven’t gotten an update on eagles locations for over a week! Hopefully Mr. Reese is just on vacation; he deserves a break.
Response – Yes, I was in Katmai, Alaska visiting the Kodiak Brown Bears. Will have map updates tomorrow. – Reese

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