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EagleTrak is a project of The Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) of The College of William & Mary and Virginia Commonwealth University. The primary contributor to CCB’s EagleTrak blog is CCB Research Associate, Reese Lukei, Jr.

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how do you get to the map of eagles’ nests


I assume you mean the new web site about the location of all known Virginia bald eagle nests. Go to this web site

Dear Reese,

We had an Eagle (probably a 4th year bird) fly over the Quaker Ridge Hawk Watch, Greenwich CT N 41° 5′ 49.6″, W 73° 41′ 19.2″ (N 41.09711, W 73.68867 ) on October 24th at 12:28 DST. Is there any way of finding out if this is one of your birds and if so you supplying a name for it so I can check out the migration pattern on wildlifetracking.org We are desperate to find out where our bird came from so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Luke Tiller Official Hawkwatcher Greenwich Audubon


We have 4 bald eagles that had the possibility of flights over CT, 2 in NY and 2 in ME. I checked their flight paths for the past two weeks and none of them were in CT. Thanks for your inquiry.

Hi Reese,

This one had a very similar looking tracking device to your birds (which I didn’t make clear in my initial note). Any idea if other people out there are using them for projects – any leads I might chase?


Hello Reese,

I just discovered your site and have introduced it to my 2nd grade classroom. We are so excited to share this amazing journey with you. How do I get my school listed as one of your supporters and where is the best place for me to build backgroung information for the students (Such as …how do we tell the male from the female?

Thank you for providing this amazing educational site.


Renee – At the top of the eagletrak page is an icon that says “adopt an Eagle. Click on that and then on the photo that says Azalea.
go to this site

Thank you – Reese

Renee – Your class can adopt Azalea by clicking on the icon at the top of this blog site “Adopt an Eagle”. or go to http://www.wildlifetracking.org/index.shtml?tag_id=83736.
You should also go to the Norfolk Botanical Garden site http://www.NBGS.org. They have information just for teachers with lots of facts about eagles. Many schools are participating in this project.
Information about the 2010 season will be posted on my blog http://eaglenest.blogs.wm.edu
Thank you – Reese Lukei

Where is NX?
Response – NX tracking at http://www.wildlifecenter.org

I live in Carolanne Farms on the Elizbeth River lately we have seen a least 4 Eagles. This was 5/03/2014. I also have pictures of 3 of them the 4th one I missed. In the past I took a picture of an eagle that looked like he had an antanna on his back if you are enterested in them. Feel free to contact me.

Sandra Craze

Response – The Elizabeth River behind Carolanne Farms has been one of the favorite places for Camellia to visit. I suspect that there is a bald eagle nest somewhere along the river in that area.

This is a suggestion for naming a soon to be released Eagle: The 101st Airborne Division AKA “Screaming Eagles” Sent two Local Men to fight and land at Normandy June 6, 70 years ago. Norwood Thomas and Eddie Shames. Both featured in the Virginian Pilot June 1-6, 2014 THESE EAGLES Spent years defending this country. They should have a National Bird Named after them, to soar over us long after these 90+ year old men leave us. I being a later years Screaming Eagle, know all too well what they gave us…FREEDOM DAILY. DO NOT LET THEM BE FORGOTTEN.

Bald eagle pair seen flying over neighborhood near Rundel and Thalia on Sept. 22, 2014.

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