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Bald Eagle “Grace” Takes Flight

Eagle Grace 2014 082

GRACE in flight June 23, 2014 – Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr

The juvenile bald eagle banded with purple leg band MR has been named GRACE. Thanks to all who helped to select her name. As of June 15, GRACE has left her nest tree and taken flight. That evening GRACE and a sibling were seen in the top of a loblolly pine about 70 feet from their nest tree.

Eagles Saw Pen 2014 020

GRACE and sibling June 15, 2014 – Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr

Eagle Grace 2014 049

GRACE will have to get used to being chased (mobbed) by smaller birds like this purple martin. Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr

Eagle Grace 2014 078

Or head back to cover in the trees – Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr

GRACE now has her own web page on Sea Turtle/Wildlife Tracking where you have the opportunity to “Adopt” her. All adoption funds donated benefit The Center for Conservation Biology and our projects like following GRACE as she travels and matures.

GRACE has been sitting in the shade since being fitted with her satellite transmitter on May 20, 2014, so her solar powered battery needs exposure to sunlight to get a good charge before it can send consistent data. Maps will be posted on this web site in the future showing the travels of GRACE.

Eagle Grace 2014 111

GRACE – “Where did those pesky little birds go?” – Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr


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Camellia Near Benefit Rd June 22

After spending most of the past three days at the farm fields and ditches along Head of River Rd in Chesapeake, Camellia has flown a bit west of the Chesapeake Bypass (Rt168) to a plant farm off Benefit Rd. He may still have been in flight as of this satellite map at 5pm yesterday June 22 – WHITE arrow.

20140622Cam20140622 Cam Benefit Rd

Posted by: rlukei | June 20, 2014

Camellia in Blackwater, Va Beach 6/19

For the past three days Camellia has been in the rural farm area of Virginia Beach bordered by Hungarian Rd, Head of River Rd, and Blackwater Rd. Appears that Camellia has been foraging for fish in the farm ditches.

20140619 Cam Blackwater

Posted by: rlukei | June 18, 2014

Camellia Visits North Carolina – Back in VA 6/17

Camellia has been in Gibbs Woods in Currituck County, NC . Missing some data points because of the cloudy weather but Camellia went south into NC on June 15 and returned to VA on June 17. As of this map he is back in the area of Hungarian Rd June 17 at 4pm. May be in flight.

20140617 Cam20140617 Cam Hungarian Rd

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Camellia Remains at Nanney’s Creek June 14

As of 5am June 14 (this morning) Camellia is still in the Nanney’s Creek area off Mill Landing Rd in Virginia Beach. This has become one of his favorite places. Fishing in the creek and farm ditches must be good there. This map starts and ends in the same place – YELLOW arrow June 10 at 6pm and WHITE arrow June 14 at 5am. Other data points – PINK June 11 at Noon, GREEN June 12 at 6am, BLUE June 12 at Noon, ORANGE June 13 at 6am, PURPLE June 13 at Noon.

20140614 Cam20140614 Cam Nanneys Creek

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Camellia Is Back At Nanney’s Creek June 10

A wanderer can’t stay in one place for long or would not be a wanderer. Camellia is a wanderer. He is now back at Nanney’s Creek in Virginia Beach. He knows this area well having been here several times in the past year. Camellia was back at Nanney’s by 5pm June 9 (ORANGE) and still there as of this satellite map June 10 at 6pm (WHITE).

20140610 Cam20140610 Cam Nanneys Creek

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Camellia at Head of River Rd June 8

A rare one day satellite data map.

I am just the messenger – don’t shoot!! Sorry if you were looking for Camellia in the Oaklette neighborhood yesterday. Camellia was 16 miles south of there. Camellia did spend the night in Oaklette, but then headed south to Hungarian Rd and then to Head of River Rd in Chesapeake at 5pm June 8.

20140608 Cam20140608 Cam Head of River Rd

Cam June 6 2014 S Yanello

Photo By Shirley Yanello – Camellia on power pole 7am June 6 – see PINK pointer on map

JRDeal _113536_2014-06-07_07_17_24

Photo by James Deal – Camellia on power pole 7am June 7 – see BLUE pointer on map

Camellia has moved on. The afternoon of June 7 Camellia flew north to Indian River in Chesapeake and as of this map – June 7 at 5pm – he is in the Oaklette neighborhood behind a home on Oaklette Dr. – WHITE arrow.

20140607 Cam20140607 Cam Photos on power pole20140607 Cam Oaklette Indian River

Photos of Camellia this morning June 6  by Jim and Shirley Yanello at Centerville & Volvo Parkway in Chesapeake.

IMG_8423 Cam 060614 on tower S YanelloJIN_8993 Cam 060614 J Yanello


Camellia has wandered a bit north in Chesapeake to the Centerville area near the landfill to the Kemp Woods neighborhood between Kempsville Rd and Centerville Turnpike. He was there as of 6:00pm June 5 – WHITE arrow.

20140605 Cam20140605 Cam Kemp Woods

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Camellia at Hungarian Rd – Va Beach June 2

Camellia has been wandering about the rural parts of southern Chesapeake and Virginia Beach for the past three days. YELLOW (Nanney’s Creek – VB), PINK (Fitztown Rd – VB), GREEN (Long Ridge Rd – Chesap), BLUE (Land of Promise Rd – Chesap), ORANGE (Indian Creek Rd – Chesap), PURPLE (Hungarian Rd – VB), and as of this map WHITE (Hungarian Rd – VB) June 2 at 10:00am.

20140602 Cam20140602 Cam Hungarian Rd VB

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