Camellia has been returning often to familiar places. He has now returned to Nanney’s Creek in Virginia Beach. As of this map he is a short distance away in a stand of trees near Morris Neck Rd – WHITE arrow May 29 at 6pm.

20140529 Cam20140529 Cam Morris Neck Rd

Camellia made a very brief visit to Tulls Bay (PINK)  in Currituck County, NC on May 25, but has returned to the Pocaty River in Chesapeake as of this map at 5pm May 27 (WHITE).

20140527 Cam20140527 Back to Pocaty May 27

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Camellia Returns to Pocaty River May 24 – Update

Camellia has finally left the Robinson Road farm area and returned to the Pocaty River in Chesapeake. He left Robinson about Noon on May 21 and been at the Pocaty River in his usual place since about 2pm on May 21. Data points are YELLOW arrow May 21 at 1am, PINK pointer May 21 at 1pm, GREEN pointer May 22 at 8am, BLUE pointer May 23 at 8am, and as of this map WHITE arrow May 24 at 8am. Next map on Thursday May 29.

20140524 Cam20140524 Cam Pocaty

Photo by Jim Yanello as Camellia was in flight at Pocaty River at 2:00pm May 24

JIN_6082 May 24 J Yanello

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Camellia Still at Robinson Farms May 21 2014

Jim Yanello captured these photos of Camellia interacting with an adult at the Robinson Road farm fields on May 21.

Cam with adult 05212014 J YanelloMay 21 2014 Cam with adult J Yanello

Cam didn’t go anywhere yesterday, at least through 10am.20140521 cam Farm Ditch

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Introducing Bald Eagle MR

Eagles Saw Pen MR 05202014 022

Photo – Reese F Lukei Jr

On May 20, 2014 one of three nestling bald eagles about 7 weeks old was removed from its nest in the Witchduck area of Virginia Beach, VA by Julian Finch from Nuckols Tree Care and fitted with a satellite transmitter by Libby Mojica, wildlife biologist from The Center for Conservation Biology (CCB). The juvenile was weighed, measured and banded with USGS leg band #0679-01400 and purple band MR.

3 in nest Julian Finch

Three bald eagle nestlings – photo Julian Finch from Nuckols Tree Care

MR before J Deal large

Before banding – photo James Deal

MR with transmitter M Fowler

After banding and transmitter fitting – photo Michele Fowler

Libby fitting large J Deal

Libby Mojica fitting transmitter – photo James Deal

MR will be in its nest for about three more weeks before she fledges. In the meantime, CCB plans to have a contest to select a name for this juvenile female that is appropriate for this region where its nest is located. Details will be forth coming on the CCB web site and on this site.

Eagles Saw Pen MR 05202014 060

Photo – Reese F Lukei Jr



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Camellia Remains at Robinson Rd May 21 1am

Other than a bit of wandering around on May 20, Camellia has stayed in the Robinson Rd farm fields and ditches. Data points are YELLOW arrow May 17 at 6pm, PINK pointer May 18 at Noon, Green May 19 at Noon, ORANGE May 20 at 5am, BLUE May 20 at 9am, PURPLE May 20 at Noon and as of this map WHITE arrow May 21 at 1am.

20140521 Cam20140521 Cam Robinson


Camellia is like a bouncing ball – back and forth between Nanney’s Creek and the Robinson Road farms. For data as to May 15 refer to the previous post. This post Camellia starts at Nanney’s Creek May 14 at 6pm (YELLOW arrow), spends all day May 15 (previous post) at Robinson and all day May 16 at Robinson (PINK 6am, GREEN Noon, BLUE 6am May 17). On May 17 Camellia makes a brief stop-off (ORANGE 11am) on his way to Nanney’s (PURPLE at Noon), but then returns to Robinson where he is as of this map May 17 at 6pm (WHITE arrow). Wish I had a drome with camera to keep up with Camellia. See Shelly photos below.

20140517 Cam20140517 Cam Nanneys20140517 Cam Robinson Farms

Photos by “quick trigger finger” Michelle Fowler as Camellia passed over the farm field behind Charity United Methodist Church on May 17, 2014. Camellia was in transit from Nanney’s Creek to farm fields off Robinson Road without stopping. Photos used with permission.

May 17 Cam with Juvie M FowlerMay 17 2014 Cam in flight M FowlerMay 17 Cam wings spread M Fowler


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Camellia Back at Robinson Rd May 15 2014

Camellia “Tricked you again!! I spent all day May 15 on farm at Robinson Road.” Data markers shows where Camellia was yesterday.

20140515 Cam20140515 Cam Robinson Rd

Photos By Beverly Nettleton May 12 at Robinson Road farm ditch.

IMG_1567 May 13 B NettletonIMG_1562 Cam May 13 Robinson B Nettleton

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Camellia Returns to Nanney’s Creek May 14

Well, I guess Camellia had enough of the fish bounty in the farm ditch off Robinson Rd, and has now returned to Nanney’s Creek about 4 miles due south. Camellia knows this area well, so I expect he will continue to fish with success. He left the Robinson Rd area about Noon on May 14. Here are his data points – YELLOW arrow May 12 at 5pm, PINK pointer May 13 at Noon, GREEN pointer May 14 at 1pm, BLUE pointer May 14 at 3pm, and as of this map WHITE arrow May 14 at 6pm.


20140515 Cam20140515 Cam Nanney's Creek

Jim Yanello captured these photos of Camellia in flight on May 13. Used with permission.

JIN_3275 May 13 J YanelloJIN_3277 J Yanello May 13

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Camellia Remains at Farm on Robinson Rd May 12

Camellia has not gone anywhere the past three days. He has apparently found a great fishing hole that is well stocked. The data points are – YELLOW arrow May 9 at 5am, PINK pointer May 9 at Noon, GREEN pointer May 10 at 6am, BLUE pointer May 10 at Noon, ORANGE pointer May 11 at 6am, PURPLE pointer May 11 at Noon, and as of this satellite map WHITE arrow May 12 at 8am. Click on maps to enlarge.

20140512 Cam20140512 Cam Farm Ditch

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