Posted by: rlukei | May 28, 2009

Branching has begun

20090528_12-02-52.jpgThe oldest eagle chick, band HK, a male, has begun to show his wing power by making it up to a branch over the nest. Took him several attempts. This is at least the second time he has been successful. All three should be doing this within a few days. Part of their muscle building and preparation for flight.

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I did not realize that that was the male, way to go!

I don’t want to miss his first flight. Judging on HK’s progress, when will that big day be?

I can’t give an exact date or time HK will fledge, but I expect HK to take flight about June 10th. I expect you have noticed that they will flap rapidly and jump from one side of the nest to the other for about two or three minutes then rest for an hour or more. It takes a lot of energy and they still have a way to go to build the muscle to be able to keep themselves airborne.

I really appreciate your commentaries on the behaviors we are seeing on cam. It’s been a great experience to watch the different stages of development and actually learn a bit in the process. Thank you.