Posted by: rlukei | June 9, 2009

Very active week

reese_azalea_reduced.jpgThis has been an exciting week for eagle viewers at Norfolk Botanical Garden. About 5:55pm Tuesday June 2 the youngest female HE over jumped and missed the nest. She hung on to the side of the nest for about a minute but then fell and glided to the ground. Not strong enough to fly yet, I was able with the assistance of Joe Foreman (his photo) to capture her. She stayed in my kitchen overnight, and was returned to the nest by Nate Jones of Nuckols Tree Care on Wednesday morning. However, before Nate reached the nest the oldest eaglet HK flew out of the nest tree about 300 yards and was located by NBG staff. It took him until Friday to make his way back to the nest tree. But, the two girls would not let him back into the nest. They beat on him and actually shoved him out of the nest. Finally, during a drenching downpour he was able to get back in the nest and get part of a fish before being forced out again. He has since been allowed to come to the nest to eat, but has had to sit on a branch in the nest tree at night. At 3:19 on Monday June 8 the youngest female HE took her first flight out of the nest tree. About 2:30 this afternoon she flew again and as of dark had not returned to the nest. Only Azalea (HH), the girl with the satellite transmitter has yet to fledge. Maybe tomorrow.

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Watching the eaglet has been part of daily routine, see their progress and what they are up to. And it’s kinda sad looking at the nest with not all three on it πŸ™ Thanks to you and others who kept us updated.

While the nest has been at times empty, Azalea, who is wearing the satellite transmitter has not yet left home – fledged. Today she made it to the the upper branches above the nest and out to the branch in front of the nest. Her older brother, HK, took flight again today and was observed sitting in the camera tree. Her younger sister, HE, spent the night in the woods alone last night, but returned to the nest this afternoon.

Why were the females so mean to the male? Is this normal behavior?