Posted by: rlukei | June 11, 2009

Hi there! I am HK

20090611_16-31-44.jpgViewers of the WVEC web cam late this afternoon got a special treat. The male eaglet HK sat directly below the camera just 3 feet away. This is one of the closeups of him looking directly into the camera. He had apparently seen the lens move as I closed in and looked back at all his many fans.

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OMGosh what an awesome picture! He is a handsome eagle!

I watched one of the eaglets last night who appeared to be taking a nap as her/his eyes opened and closed from time to time. They are all awesome!

What a great pictures!!
I really like to see that pictures of the babies

We at the office have been checking in on our Eaglets since their egg stage. Thank you for giving us that insight and the Blogs are so much appreciated.

What a great picture! A truly beautiful Eagle!

What a beautiful picture!

VERY cool!