Posted by: rlukei | June 11, 2009

Azalea still nest tree bound

20090611_07-17-51.jpgAs of 11am this morning Azalea (HH) has still not found the “courage” to join her brother (HK) and younger sister (HE) by flying from the nest tree. She is making big leaps from branch to branch and getting high up above the nest as this photo at 7:17 this morning shows. Perhaps later today, hopefully before the predicted storms arrive.

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does the transmitter interfere with her taking flight?

The transmitter has no effect on the ability of an eagle to take flight. CCB currently has over 60 other eagles with satellite transmitters flying in a normal way. You can track them at – animals – birds – eagles

Reese, This “blog” will be such an asset for us. Thanks so much for doing it. Getting observations and messages from YOU regarding NBG eagle activity will be so informative and will help us understand the lives of these eagles.

This will be really good, Reese.

Thanks Nancy. When we began this web cam project 4 seasons ago we had no idea how popular it would be, and how enraptured people would become over the eagles activities. Makes you wonder what Benjamin Franklin would think about all this excitement! The four families this pair has raised has been educational for us all. Thanks to you and all your fellow eagle fans for your dedicated support.

Thanks Mary Reid. No one has done more to educate the public about wildlife than you. You’re number one.

Thanks, Reese. I’m new to birding (and this eagle family as well as this site is our favorite) and it’s always a relief to get an answer from a pro (especially based from experience, books sometimes are incorrect).
And I don’t think I’m the only one who enjoyed this site. Thank you!

Since a coworker showed me this website last year, I got hook into it, I watch the eagles everyday at my work, I even put the page on my computer screen as a screensaver.
Thank you, it’s been wonderful, and just to let you know that the youngest eaglet was
born on my birthday, 3/25/09. I’ll be sad when all of them are gone.