Posted by: rlukei | June 13, 2009

Let the tracking begin

20090613_06-02-53.jpgAt 6:51 am today Azalea finally made the big leap and flew from the nest tree. She exercised for nearly an hour jumping from branch to branch to nest to branch. Then after looking off to the right toward last year’s nest tree, she unfolded her wings and flew. A new world has begun for her. Satellite tracking for us.

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Thank you for all your hard work with our babies. I enjoyed your class and all the websites you gave us. I order the book you showed us and cant wait to get it. I look forward to readiing your blogs.

I’m looking forward to the adventure.

Now the adventure begins!

More excitement on it’s way… Thanks for keeping us informed.

Where is Azalea now??

The book that Rebecca is referring to is what I use when I need a reference to the age or plummage of a raptor. It is by Brian K. Wheeler entitled “Raptors of Eastern North America”. There is also a “Raptors of Western North America”. I bought mine online at Amazon.

It will be interesting to follow Azalea’s travels! I also really enjoyed the class Saturday and learned quite a bit as this is only my second year following the NBG pair. Thanks for all your hard work – it’s obvious that you love what you do!

I have watched these babies since they were hatched and can’t stay away from the web cam. I get worried when I can’t find all 3 of them especially when night falls.

What an amazing thing to watch! I am not sure that I am ready but I have strapped in and will go along for the ride. Take us there Azalea!!

How can I follow the eagle on satellite tracking?

There are two places to see the locations that Azalea has been by following the satellite transmissions. Every 3 days her location will be posted at
For a more detailed map that CCB puts into a Google program, check back to this blog site. See the map posted on June 16. A new map will be posted tomorrow showing where she has been the past 3 days.

I have really enjoyed watching the eagles

Thanks to all bringing us an interesting time watching our eaglets