Posted by: rlukei | June 16, 2009

Azalea returns to nest – Satellite operations

20090616_18-55-51.jpgAfter two failed attempts, Azalea made it back to the nest. About 4:35 she flew in from the left back of the nest and smashed right into her younger sister, HE. They both tumbled off the nest in the same spot HE fell off on June 2. DeeJay captured a video of the event which is posted on the forums. Next Azalea tried a frontal approach and HK was waiting for her on the front branch. “You’re not getting back in my nest. Remember when I left!!”. HK kept her on the front branch for about an hour, but then he flew off and Azalea claimed the next fish delivery about 6:15 and filled her crop.

Satellite operations – Want to know how the satellite works? Check out Technical Specs on CCB’s EagleTrak home page –

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Welcome home Azalea. You were so missed, you jet-setter you! Wonderful tracking map. So glad we will all be able to keep up with your travels.

I am so glad that Azalea finally returned to the nest. So good to see her again!