Posted by: rlukei | June 16, 2009

Map of Azalea travels June 13-16 (8am)

gemap2-20090616.jpgThis map indicates the places Azalea (band HH) has sat from the time she left the nest tree on June 13 through 8am today. She has never been more than 600 ft or so from the nest. There were reports of her having traveled across the NBG entrance road, but the satellite readings indicate that she did not do that. The map should enlarge when you click on it. This is my first time doing this, so if doesn’t work or you have questions, fire away. This is the second version of the satellite map. The first map contained some false readings from the satellite. This map also has dates that were not on the first map.

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goodness Reese. she has been one well traveled eagle so far. think we need to tie a string around her to keep her headed toward nest?

No wonder she couldn’t be found! She never sat still !! Excellent map. Thank you 🙂

WOW we have one well-travelled young lady already…..lots of perches from which to survey her new domain. GO GIRL GO !

Amazing! Thanks, Reese, and everyone who makes this possible. Besides our enjoyment, hope Azalea teaches you lots! 🙂

Azalea certainly has been exploring her backyard so far. It will be thrilling to witness her increasingly distant trips via satellite data. Thank you, Reese & CCB!

That’s our gal – she made sure she checked out everything. Wonderful map, Reese. thank you so much. This is just the beginning

Wow – our AZ has been traveling LOL she needs to go back to nest to take a break. Thanks for all the wonderful nest cam and keeping trak of our BEAUTIFUL Girl

WOW! She loves travel! Good for her! This is going to be quite exciting tracking her movements now and in the future. Thank you so much Reese. You and everyone else that brought this to fruition are greatly appreciated by ALL of us! We know it was a lot of hard work, patience and brain power! Thank you!

Thanks so much for letting us be a part of the eagles lives. They are beautiful!

How far will these eaglets actually go? Like will they completly leave this area sometime coming??

Wow, she has been one busy eaglet. Seeing all those sights for the first time and learning how to land. With all those perches, must know by now what branches to land on. Thank you so much for all you do for these lovely creatures. The map is great and really presents another dimension to our eagle watching.

REESE, excellent!!! The map really puts it all into perspective. The paparazzi will certainly need their walking shoes to keep up with these 3 eaglets if they all move around this much.

I had no idea that the tracking could be so specific… I thought it would just give you a general idea with in a few yards… This is facinating! Do the many short legs to her trip tell anything about her stamina or preparedness?

Thank you for this awesome tool!!

Thank you Reese & CCB. Great illustration, it gives us a vast idea where she’s been (well travelled eh). And looking forward to were she’s heading.
Has mom & dad been following them around?

It is typical for young eagles to take short flights exploring their surroundings, building flight muscle and learning how to land without crashing. As the tracking map shows, Azalea has not been very far from the nest. Yesterday I was there when she was sitting on the edge of Lake Whitehurst. One of her siblings at the nest could be heard calling, and with their excellent hearing, you know Azalea could hear her brother and sister too. We may not have been able to find her for two days, but mom and dad would be keeping her in sight. Azalea will gradually expand her range. We do expect her to eventually leave the area, perhaps to the James River or other parts of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We will just have to wait and see.

Should we be able to get the detail you did by going to the tracking website? The only thing I have been able to get is a single dot where NBG is.

WOW! This is amazing. Thanks so much for all you have done and to the CCB. I love watching Eagle Cam. Now I can watch the satellite. Azalea is a busy girl.

The map on the wildlifetracking site will show where Azalea has been every 3 days. Since she has not yet left Norfolk Botanical Garden, that is all the map shows. As she expands her range that map will reflect her movements.
The detailed map of her most recent 3 days of travel will be posted only to this blog site. CCB puts the satellite data through a special program that produces this close up detail based on hourly readings during daylight hours and at midnight.

Where is the nest located?

Oops! Nevermind….i found it on the map.

our gal is a regular ‘gadabout’ isn’t she? but good exercise for life…GO GIRL GO !