Posted by: rlukei | July 10, 2009

New Virginia Eagle Locator Website

You can now be a part of the annual survey of bald eagle nest sites in Virginia. The Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) has launched a new website that allows the public to locate on a Google map on your computer all the bald eagle nests in Virginia. The site also provides you the opportunity to report a new nest or perhaps one that CCB does not know about. To access the Nest Locator, register your name and email address, then login to the map locator, and you can browse the nests by county.



That is awesome. I wish my home state of North Carolina would do something similar. There are a few nest on Jordan and Falls Lake in the Piedmont, and several in the eastern part of the state near the sounds and the Outer Banks.

thanks i love to watch all kinds of nesting birds

I love watching eagles.We have a nest for the past 4 years in our little park,this year 2 eaglets
hatched and fledged

This is great! Thanks so much for posting this info. I have really enjoyed watching the NBG eagles the past couple of years and its great to know that there are other nesting sites around our area. It is also terrific to know that they are making a comeback.

I watched the eagles from the day the first egg was layed. It was very edacationel. I enjoyed it verry wuch.We have an eagle cam here in Maryland but it is still camera and is not nearly as interesting as video. Thanks for haveing it in.