Posted by: rlukei | July 13, 2009

Overwhelming Response to Eagle Site

eagles02640001.JPGCCB has had an overwhelming response by people going to our new Virginia Eagles web site. The “nest locator” part of the website crashed this morning. Staff is working hard to get it up and operating again. The rest of the site is still working and provides information and data about the Virginia bald eagle breeding population that you cannot get anywhere else.  Please read and learn from those parts while the “nest locator” is being rehabilitated.  – July 13, 2009

As of 9:00pm tonight the nest locator is again working!!



The website is wonderful. I’ve enjoyed reading and learning about Virginia bald eagles.

The website has been absolutely wonderful. It’s the first thing I look at in the morning. I feel like the eagles are part of my familiy. I have learned so much about the bald eagle and their habitat. Truely fascinating. Thank you!

I been an Eagle wildlife fan for many ,many years . My house filled with Eagle figurenes,I have one that is the full size of an the American Eagle sets right beside my entertainment center. It would be really nice to have one as a pet but that is forbidden territory but just the thought!!!This website is fantastic. I live in Pa not far from Eagle nestings and their is more popping up along the Susquhanna River each year. I cannot fathom someone shooting them like they did years ago. Im so greatful they are returning like they are COME ON EAGLES !!!