Posted by: rlukei | July 13, 2009

Satellite map July 5 – July 10

gemap20090713.jpgThe latest satellite map (early morning July 5 to early morning July 10) from data transmitted from Azalea (HH) indicates that she has expanded her range further east including trips across the runway at Norfolk International Airport. There have been reports by local photographers that she has been seen soaring high. At least one of the data points was likely transmitted while she was in the air soaring rather than perched in a tree. Also a reminder that this data is sent from a satellite 250 miles up in the sky and there can be up to a 60 foot error in the data.

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It’s a big world out there….I guess we’ll have to adapt and accept the fact eagles don’t live in a small protected environment.

Looks like Azalea is expanding her world. I love to watch eagles soar,they are so majestic and strong. It also is a worry that Azalea might get tangle with a aircraft,but as my dh says,I can’t worry,what will be will be. But I will remain positive that she and all the rest of the eagle will do well. Happy Soaring Azalea

This reminds me that on July 4th, my family were together for a cookout. I have mentioned before, we have a nest of eagles about three miles from my house that have only been there for about four years. As we were setting outside, one of the adults flew right over us twice. My dad who was in the battle of the Frozen Chosen and is now 86 was sitting there. I looked around and thanked him for all of us who are free, that of which this eagle flyover was a reminder and so fitting. the timing was perfect. He looked at me and smiled. with a little tear in his eye..soooo fitting.. I love all military people. he was in the United States Marines…oohh raahh!!!