Posted by: Libby Mojica | July 22, 2009

Satellite Map July 17-22


So more of the same from Azalea this week. Azalea’s split her time between the pine trees around the nest and “the dump” (composting facility). She has a few outlying points over the airfield and surrounding lakes that were most likely recorded during soaring flights.

We’ll have to wait until Reese returns to pair this data with more on the ground sightings of Azalea.

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I was wondering,when Azalea is going from one place to another,is any of the her siblings with her?I know this is hard to tell but it just crossed my mind.Are the other two seen around the same areas or do they split up?Stupid question I know. Guess I’m judging by our 2 eaglets.Sometimes you see them tog and other times not at all. In fact haven’t seen much during the past 2months after fledging.One of the adults came back to the nest last Friday after not being seen for weeks.

Just wondering if they are now finding food on their own.

I noticed that there is an overlap in these data points with the last map. (The southeast points are duplicated between the two maps.) Then I noticed that the dates overlap. To me, this indicates that she has not flown over the airport as much since the 19th. Good news!

Three comments on the posts by Winddancer, Ilovelucy and Chris7
No – No one has yet seen either of the 3 young eagles catch their own food
Yes – There is an overlap in the data so viewers have a wider observation period.
Yes and No – At times the 3 fly about on their own and all 3 have been observed flying together, especially soaring high over NBG and the airport in mid-afternoon.
The NBG tour guides who narrate the guided boat rides (NBG is the only botanical garden in the U.S. with boat tours) report seeing the eagles near the “dump” and sitting on the airport fence.