Posted by: rlukei | August 7, 2009

Blog Improvements Coming

The CCB EagleTrak blog site will be off-line for a part of Monday August 10th. The College of William & Mary has notified CCB that wmblogs will be making upgrades to the service beginning Monday morning and will be back on-line as soon as the changes are made. Thanks to all of our readers for making this site a big success.



Do we know if Azalea is still being feed by her parents? I hope so!

Reese, Why hasn’t Joe Flanagan done a recent story on “Tracking the eagle who will not leave”? The info gathered thus far would interest many WVEC viewers, generate PR for NBG and CCB, and keep the story of the Norfolk eagles alive!

Just my opinion, but you and Amy are his main contacts. Perhaps it’s time to contact him! Hope he is still “working”. No one else could give the attention to this saga as well as Joe.

yep dad has been bringing food to nest seen on cam at least 1 time every day.
That is just what we see on cam

Nancy – WVEC had over 4 million “hits” on the eagle cam site this season. The partnership of NBG, DGIF, WVEC and CCB has been extraordinary not just from the exposure the public has had to the daily lives of these five eagles, but from a research stand point. And we are still learning. The camera has remained on and WVEC continues to stream the video to the public, but we do not expect a “news” story unless something very unusual happens.