Posted by: rlukei | September 14, 2009

Azalea remains in Northumberland County

Azalea continued to wander around in Northumberland County, and returned to locations she has been to before, plus one new creek. On Friday afternoon Sept 11 she had returned to the Little Wicomico River. She only stayed there a short while, then flew southwest over Burgess, VA to the area of the Wicomico River just north of Blackwells, where she has been before. Again she only stayed a short time, then flew north back to Hull Creek where she spent the night of Sept 11. She spent all day Saturday Sept 12 exploring both the eastern and western shores of Hull Creek where it enters from the Potomac River. Stayed there overnight Sept 12.  On late Sunday morning Sept 13 she flew south to Sydnor’s Millpond which is just west of Edwardsville, VA and stayed there until the afternoon of Monday Sept 14 when she flew east to a new location for her, Hack Creek which is just west of Vir-Mar Beach, VA. It is a small creek off the Potomac River and is just north of Hack Neck’s Road Rt-644. She was there at the time of this satellite map.

Click on map to enlarge.

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Thanks Reese! She really seems to like that area.

Thank you for this update. Some of us were at the gardens today and saw a juvie eagle circling overhead – way way up overhead. No white head, no white tail, with some white under wings and definitely an eagle. Too high to see pattern on tail. We were wondering if Azalea had come back home for a dinner with Dad. Glad to hear she is still out exploring and doing eagle things. Reese we really appreciate all the updates and all the information you provide us.

MVK – Azalea too far away in Northumberland, but possibly HE or HK. But with eagles moving all over, from north, south, here – it could have been any one of them. I hear that both adults have been at NBG for a few days.

Azalea is such a fascinating bird. I love keeping up with her thru EagleTrak. Thanks for all the updates!

i’m like chris7, thinking she really likes that area.
reese, do you think she likes NBG better and is trying to get back home to stay. Thanks again for all the updates. can not wait for another update.

I am wondering if HE or HK may have joined the juvie in my neighborhood. Near Battlefield and Greatbridge rd. For about 2 weeks 2 have been together.
Well I can dream 🙂
AZ does seem to be searching for perfect home.
Thanks Reese for timely updates.