Posted by: rlukei | September 18, 2009

Back to Shores of Potomac River

On Monday Sept 14 Azalea had discovered Hack Creek which is just west of Vir-Mar Beach, VA. She only stayed there an hour or so then returned to familiar territory on the Little Wicomico River south of Vir-Mar, then flew back to Sydnors’ Millpond west of Edwardsville where she remained until Tuesday afternoon Sept 15. She continued south back to a pond off the Wicomico River south of Burgess where she spent most of Sept 11. She spent the night of Sept 15 here. Wednesday morning Sept 16 after a brief flight to just west of Blackwells on the Wicomico River she turned north back to Hull Creek off the Potomac River and spent the night. This map ends the morning of Thursday Sept 17 with Azalea in a patch of woods off Newman’s Neck Road Rt-636 within 1/4 mile of the Potomac River near the mouth of Newman’s Creek.

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Az is such an unpredictable eagle!!! I am not surprised to hear of her restlessness! As long as she is healthy, and content…let her fly!!! Thanks to all who keep us informed and work behind the scenes for our eagles! Merri

Thanks for keeping us updated on Azalea. I’m not familiar with the area where she is but as long as she’s finding food and you can still track her, wonderful!! It’s very interesting to read about where she’s been and going to. Looking forward to the new crew next year but also keeping track of Azalea. Again, thanks to you all.