Posted by: rlukei | September 28, 2009

Azalea back (home) on the Potomac Shore

After all the to do about the King and Queen County landfill, Azalea only stayed there about 2 hours then flew right back to what has become “home” territory for her on the shores of the Potomac River. By 3:00pm on Sunday Sept 20 she was at Hull Creek. For the next few days Sept 21, 22, 23, 24 she stayed in the area south of Vir-Mar Beach on the Little Wicomico River. On Friday Sept 25 she made a jaunt east to Ophelia, VA and the entrance of the Little Wicomico River off Chesapeake Bay. Then she flew back to Newmans Creek and Hull Creek where she spent the night. Our last satellite data point at 2:00pm Sept 26 finds her on a small pond south of Hull Creek and just west of Newmans Neck Road and a place named Luttrels Corner.

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our girl likes that part of the river,maybe this is where she will stay for awhile. maybe the fish is alot better there. i think she is getting this fishing down alot better.
rlukei,thanks for all the updates. cann’t wait for another one. thanks again.

Thanks Reese, it is good to see that Virginia’s Flower Gal, Azalea is doing well and sticking close to home and family. Did you see the Forum question about Biblical Eagles?? Perhaps you could answer that for us all…. thanks again for your updates!

TV channel 13 – WVEC – will show an interview by Joe Flanagan on news this evening about Azalea and her satellite monitored flights. The male adult was at NBG this afternoon. Both adults have been seen this week bringing sticks to the same nest they used last year.

Re: Bibical Eagles. I have not seen the question. Post it here and I will see if I can answer.

Here is a link to the news story that Reese is referring to:

That was an interesting interview on WVEC 🙂 Until I saw that I didn’t realize Azalea was the only monitored eagle in that area.

Reese…Jan’s question can be found here

Re; Bibical eagles – I am not an expert on raptors of the Middle East or Africa so all I can say for certain is that the references were not to bald eagles which are found only on North America.

chris7, thanks for posting the story on WVEC. It was exciting to hear you, reese, talk about Azalea and get a better focus on where she is! Are 6mos old are eaglets always loners? I received the info on the Eagles reproducing in 5 yrs, thanks, but, will any of the others born this year ever come back to NBG to build a nest to reproduce or do they go their own way? Shame the tracking only lasts 3 yrs! Seems we’re all digging in to help out with our wild life. FYI.. If anyone buys a calendar you can add as much as you want to it right then and there for extra $$ to fund the future of our eagles…..again, good clip!

Patti – Yes we do expect that Azalea and her brother (HK) and sister (HE) will return to this region to reproduce. First they have to survive their first five years, and there is only about a 50% chance they will do that.
I don’t think we know enough to say that all 6 month old eaglets are loners, but Azalea certainly seems to be. Twice she has visited areas known to be frequented by other eagles – Rappahannock concentration area and K&Q Landfill and stayed a very brief time.

Reese, I had no idea that there was only a 50% chance of survival, how sad!! Even sader, I guess with Azalea being tracked, we’ll know if anything happened to her. I guess they have to survive cars, hunters, it’s illegal to shoot eagles, right, and are they prey to anything?
How big of a region are you talking about for them to return to, and will that be when they are of the reproducing age (5)?
Are one of parents a descendant of past eaglets that were banded at NBG? This is my first year to watch the Eagles so I have no idea how many years this has been going on.
How does an eaglet get that Avian pox (spell?) disease? Exactly what is it?

Thanks for the answers.

Reese…thanks for the update on HH. I don’t really have a question but I’d like to throw out a webiste address…..

Information found on this site may answer some of the questions being asked of you especially when it comes to the history of the Norfolk Eagles.

Patti – By region I refer to an area the size of southeast Virginia which is called Hampton Roads or Tidewater. Eagles were only banded at NBG in 2007 and 2009. Avian Pox is mostly transmitted by mosquitoes even though mosqtitoes do not get the pox themselves. It is not known how the 2008 eaglet at NBG got avian pox. Having the pox on its upper mandible was unique, having never been observed by any animal medical or rehab personnel before.

Are there plans to place a transmitter on any eaglets born in 2010 from the NBG eagles?

Thanks so much for taking the time to post your response here and to keep us updated. I sincerely appreciate it!