Posted by: Libby Mojica | October 9, 2009

Azalea’s back on the Potomac

As many of you have seen on , Azalea has returned to the southern shores of the Potomac. She did a whirlwind tour of the Rappahannock and Mataponi Rivers before returning north.

CCB published a story in our e-newsletter this week on a recent eagle success story from the King and Queen County Landfill. An adult eagle was found emaciated and with broken bones at the landfill in June. She was taken to The Wildlife Center of Virginia where she healed and recuperated with the help of their skilled vets and staff. Turns out this eagle had been banded by CCB as a nestling in 2003 at a nest on the York River. She was released from the Wildlife Center of Virginia this week.

You can read more about her release back to the wild here

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Great success story of rehabilitation!! Keep up the good work.

Thank you for caring so much for these majestic
birds and all others that you help. Its wonderful
to read bout successful rehablitation. Love Azalea
and hope she stays close to home or atleast in a safe place with winter coming in soon. As always
thank you for all the updates. I’m so proud and
thankful for all of you who care so much.Has anyone spotted Azalea’s siblings?

Is there some way to color code AZ. coming and going?
Red for going, and Blue for returning? I suppose this sounds strange, yet it would be nice to know the route she takes when she explores, and the route she takes when she returns. (At least for now, that seems to be her habit) Thanks. Merri

great news about the adult.

As one who has been to many releases, seeing a rehabbed adult is a special treat.

This was the first one that had been banded so had a history.
Thanks for update and info

would it be possible when the large maps are made up, like the one posted today, to indicate azalea’s position at the time the map was made? most of the time i think i know where she is, but i’m not certain.

libby, have not hear anything about our girl Azalea for about 5 days,is eveything ok.thanks