Posted by: Libby Mojica | October 14, 2009

Azalea foraging on the Little Wicomico River

Azalea continues to focus her movements in the area around the Little Wicomico River. I changed the map to show the most recent location as a white circle. Thanks to the viewers for the feedback on the maps. If you’d like to see an animated map, take a look at the one available on


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Libby, thank you for the white area indicating Azalea’s most recent “hangout”. For an untrained observer as myself, I find this easier to decipher.

God’s design for all creatures of the earth is amazing!

Godspeed, Azalea!

Thank you Libby letting us know about the animated map. It was very interesting to watch where Azalea has been and where she keeps coming back and forth too. Love you Azalea,stay safe and well. Your siblings too! Can’t forget Mom
and Dad also.God’s creatures are truly beautiful
and amazing.

thanks! i got the update this morning from sea turtle and it’s good to see it translated better. appreciate it

Thanks so much for recent location marked by white because azalea is busy and hard to figure it out. I appreciate it greatly.

adding my thanks for the ” bulls eye ”
AZ is backtrackig so much it is good to see she may have found her winter home

glad to hear our girl is doing fine. when i don’t hear anything i start to get worried about her.god be with you Azalea.we all love you.I only hope your siblings are doing as well.
thanks libby for all that you are doing for us all.

Thanks Libby for keeping all of us imformed. It is so nice to read all of these comments. Everyone is so kind.

Thanks Libby…it does make it so much easier to read her latest location. Seems she’s content moving around in a smaller area again. πŸ™‚

Thank you Libby for the white circle – helps focus the area for us with all her comings and goings.
Azalea – hope you have found a nice place to call home for a while. You seem to like it there and I can understand why, it is beautiful country. Stay in touch and if you see your siblings – tell them to call home once in a while. Fair skies and safe soaring oh precious Diva. Godspeed.

Thank you so much for the time and effort you take to do this for us. It is truly appreciated!.
It is fascinating watching her travels πŸ™‚

This Wicomico area, it’s residential so it appears on the map, is that correct? If it is residential, is that common for an eagle to hang around a populated area such as a neighborhood? Once winter does set in, will Azalea come back to NBG, maybe the others as well?? Will they share the nest, or nests? Will the parents even know they are theirs? Just curious. Reese, hope you’re enjoying your trip, Libby, you’re doing great, thanks.

Patti, et al – Greetings from freezing cold Bulgaria. Record heat last week, snow this week – crazy!! Been checking on Azalea when there is a satellite connection, and showing folks how to find the CCB web site. Azalea seems to have grown accustomed to Northumberland County. I’ll be back in time for my lecture at Norfolk Botanical Garden on Sat Oct 24.