Posted by: rlukei | November 3, 2009

Moving Further South

Azalea appears to have moved further south to east of West Point, VA on the Middle Peninsula. As soon as I get the satellite data I will post a new map.

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Reese, a question about the barn owl, if you don’t mind, assuming you know about them as well. where is cobb island, does she ever leave the box she’s in, is there a mate that is feeding her, how long has she been there and how many eggs? you mentioned in a previous statement, will the babies survive? why wouldn’t they?

Good to know Azalea is coming closer to home, maybe a visit to her birth nest???? That would be very interesting if she did.

Patti – Cobb Island is on the Virginia Eastern Shore. 5 eggs I don’t know how many have hatched.. Yes the barn owl leaves the box, she has to exercise. Chicks are usually born in the Spring when there is plenty of food and it is getting warmer. Winter is approaching when it will be much colder and less food.

Thanks Reese, not knowing anything about barn owls, I just figured this was a norm for them but with the comments, it’s not. geez, what the heck happened to this female to go and have babies now?? I almost don’t want to watch them for the fact that they may not survive…she’s beautiful though, that’s for sure.

I’ll stick with Azalea!!!!!

I’ll pray for a mild winter…Who couldn’t love that beautiful face Maybe we need owl houses and owl cam too

Azalea is on her way home for Thanksgiving!!! Safe travels, our beloved eagle!!!

Reese, I have a question. This past Thursday I was waiting in the parking lot at VB TCC for a grandchild and looked up into the blue sky to see to birds s just flying around and they looked like eagles. Is that something that could really be true or was I just daydreaming.

Honey Marx – That is not enough of a description for me to be able to tell you. I saw two bald eagles this week in Va Beach, a juvenile and adult. Each time they were flying in with turkey vultures. It is possible.

I saw two this week also ..adults one across the field from my house..on the ground eating something..the other in a dead tree near the sound off 168 hwy near Barco .I think I have a juvenile that flyes over my pond..they are hard to ID..I don’t see any red on the face like the turkey vultures have.

i see this morning mom barn owl has breakfast in the nest you know how many chicks she has ?

Thanks Reese, They were brown with some white and there was a third.They were soaring in circles on the air currents like our eagles did and I was so hoping that it was for real and not a dream. I am a first year watcher and was hoping it was to be true.

NC Patty I believe that all 5 eggs hatched, but something has happened to the camera and the picture is no longer clear.

I counted at least three yesterday afternoon when mom was “pushed up” it was a mass of white fuzz. breakfast was gone.. dad needs to help sit on this crowd with mom there are so many.. camera 4 is clear in the afternoon and you can get a closer look.. camera 3 is real close thats how I spotted breakfast.. Azalea home for the holiday’s??