Posted by: rlukei | November 10, 2009

Azalea Visits Gloucester County, Etc, Etc, Etc

Azalea did spend Halloween night near Water View, VA and the next day as well. She must have collected a bunch of sugarery candy with lots of energy and caffeine, because for the next week she has flown almost nonstop. I became exhausted trying to follow her flight paths. About 11:00am Nov 2 she left Waterview and flew directly south about 20 miles to the Gloucester County Landfill near Adner, VA and just east of US Route 17. She visited the landfill again on Nov 6, 8, and 9. On Nov 5 she made a fast and brief flight to James City County, crossing the York River at York River State Park, over Interstate 64 at Toano to Little Creek Reservoir. She only stayed here about an hour then flew back north across I-64 and the York River to the area around Allmondsville, VA in Gloucester County. On Nov 6 she flew from the Gloucester landfill back north into Middlesex County, crossed the Piankatank River and spent two days exploring west of Hartfield, VA. On Nov 8 she returned again to the landfill and settled south of the landfill in a swampy area east of Adner. After another visit to the landfill she returned to the swamp and that is where she was at 5pm Nov 9. To get a close up view of where she is, search MapQuest for Adner, VA then zoom in to the cross shaped marsh east of Adner and directly south of the landfill.

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Still, I am thinking she is on her way home…perhaps just checking areas where she might settle. Going to the landfill is disconcerting…yet, she possibly could just be hungry! Come home for Thanksgiving Little Wing…there is plenty of room and love here for you.

I do wonder about her interest in the landfill and not continuing to fish the smaller rivers she has preferred til now.

I’m thinking she learned how to steal fish from Dad but now that most osprey are gone she can’t steal from them so she has to resort to trashy birds! Just my opinion & not scientific at all!! LOL

Thanks again for the update.Appreciate your time in getting the tracking maps out to us.Enjoy seeing where Azalea as been and only imagine where she may go………NBG maybe?

Azalea – looks like you paid Mike F a visit. Was he not home? Did he not leave the door to his freezer open for you with all the fish inside? Poor girl. Remember Azalea – you are a girl of royalty – you come from NBG home of the Azalea Queen for many years. Now you just better hold your head high and leave that trash alone. Search out the great fish of the rivers and bay. There are NESTIs all along the way to guide you.

Stay safe friend and be wary of dangers that lurk in landfills. Remember – no plastic, no chemicals, no unknown substances.

Hold on Azalea we are in for a blow.You are safe in all those trees.Found home page for CCB-Va. Falcons.Beautiful shots of baby Barn Owls glad camera is still on.But where is mom,she is usually in the nest during the day she cant’ be hunting in all this wind? cobisland2.htm. Seeing Azalea and baby barn owls…”Priceless”

Is there any way to check on Azalea ? She still has to eat in this bad weather or will she wait for the wind to settle down.You mentioned before how long eagles can go between meals but I forgot(sorry).

Just wondering if you know where AZ is after this bad storm ? It will be a relief to know that she is safe, maybe closer to home !
Thinking of you AZ, HE and HK – hoping you are all safe and well.


I am wondering if you know if AZ is ok. Helen