Posted by: rlukei | November 15, 2009

Swamp-Landfill, Swamp-Landfill, Etc, Etc

The last satellite map Nov 9 showed that Azalea was in a swampy area just east of Adner, VA and south of the Gloucester County Landfill. She is still there. From Nov 9 through Nov 12 all she has done is fly back and forth between the swamp and the landfill. She probably has lots of eagle companions there. Within 30 miles of the landfill in Gloucester, James City, King & Queen, and Middlesex counties there are about 45 active bald eagle nests.

I am late posting this map because I live in Virginia Beach and have not had electricity for 3 days. According to the news reports we have just had the 4th worst storm in our history. I know I had 11 1/2 inches of rain and winds 40mph or more for 3 days. I had to call Nuckols Tree Care (does the tree climbing for us at Norfolk Botanical Garden) to take down an oak tree that was leaning over my house aimed at my bedroom. Just got power back. Cheers!! – Reese

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Reese – thank you for the update. Glad to hear you survived the storm, as did ma and pa eagle at the gardens. It is good to hear that Azalea made it through, albeit hanging out at the new Landfill Diner. I think our Azalea is a strong lady and will do us proud.

Keep the updates coming and thank you again.

I’am glad our girl is o.k. Can’t wait for more info on her travels… come home Azalea we all miss you..Cobb Isl. cam is still down…maybe thats a good thing..

Glad you got your power back. Thanks for the update. Miss the eagle chat room. Hope all of the others are okay.

I am thankful you made it through the storm “NOR-IDA”. Thank you for info on Azalea.

So glad your power is back on. Thats not fun. Been there with Hurricane Isabel. Glad to hear Azalea is active and wasn’t blown away by the storm!

By the way, Floyd’s Tree Service would have been happy to have given you an estimate on your tree needs!

Sorry you been in the dark Reese. So very glad you are OK tho – that is most important. Great to know our AZ is fine too – wish she would stay away from the dump. Thank you so much for all the updates on our DIVA.


reese, glad you are fine now. i didn’t have lights for 3 days glad to hear our girl is doing fine,wish she would go away from the landfill. i wished she would come home and stay,that way we all could watch over her. Thanks again.