Posted by: rlukei | November 16, 2009

Azalea Abandons Landfill

Azalea has once again shown her independent mindset and changed her mind about visiting landfills. She has not been back to the Gloucester County Landfill since the afternoon of Nov 11. On Nov 12 she spent the day in the swampy area east of Adner, VA. On the morning of Nov 13 she moved south to another small creek off the York River just west of Pinetta, VA and just east of Purton Lane. She flew about this small creek on Nov 13 and 14 and was still there at midnight. She had visited this area before on Nov 4.

Quote from Libby Mojica about this map – “Amazingly enough, the transmitter collected data continuously through the storm. I would have expected a decrease in the data because of the rain and lack of sunshine to charge the battery.”

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our girl does like to travel,but what girl doen’t. Ha ! I am so glad she is out of the landfill,she is to much of a lady for that. God speed Ms. A. thanks again for all the up dates.Keep them coming.

She sure doesn’t stay still for very long, does she? LOL Hopefully she will head back our way. I would love to see her. Again, thanks for the updates!

Thanks for the updates – Glad to see she made it through the storm and is out of the landfill. She doesn’t belong there – as Betty said, she is too much of a lady for that! Hopefully she will head back to the garden for a visit.

I’m relieved she’s decided on fish dinners again. It is interesting…I’d have thought the storm would have blocked data transmission, too and was prepared to not see much information on her for several days… πŸ™‚

How did Azalea weather the storm? Does she and the other eagles just bunker down somewhere or stay up in the trees? Glad to hear she is ok as we were worried about her.

Donna – As we can see when the NBG camera is on, the eagles know how to honker-down when a storm blows in. Their behavior sometimes lets us know that a storm will be extra bad. So it was with the adult barn owls who abandoned their young to take cover for their own survival.

Reese – maybe Azalea’s sunny personality kept her batteries charged. LOL

So glad she has decided on a seafood diet for a while. She is an eagle on a mission. Giving CCB their monies worth and letting all know she is doing good. I would worry if she stayed in the same spot too long given how much she moves around.

Thank you for all the updates – really is interesting and fun to know she still has not strayed too far from her roots.

Mr. Lukei – Did any of the barn owl chicks survive the storm? I’ve been unable to access that site. SMH

SMH – We do not know, but it is very doubtful. The camera is out (picture froze on 11/12) and no one has been out to Cobb Island yet.

SMH,There is a web site,,obxbarb is the moderator,Libby Mojica also posts there,they have current info.on the barn owls..both parents and babies.storm hit that area hard …


This is the correct link to the site NCPATTY is referring to:

As I stated in my comment yesterday – WE DO NOT KNOW THE STATUS OF THE BARN OWLS.
No one has been able to get to Cobb Island. It is very likely that all the camera equipment at Cobb has been destroyed.

Hello everyone,Carla e- mailed putting obxbarb at the end of the web address sends you into no where.sorry … use the site Reese provided ..It has info on the Cobb Island cam ..and hopefully some info soon on the adult Barn owl’s