Posted by: rlukei | November 19, 2009

Oh Well, It’s Back to the Landfill

On the previous satellite map early on Nov 15, Azalea was on a small creek just off the York River west of Pinetta, VA. She spent the rest of Nov 15 there and up until Nov 16 11:00am when she flew north taking a slight eastward detour, but right back to the Gloucester County Landfill by 3:00pm. She spent the night back in the swampy area east of Adner. She returned to the landfill on Nov 17 by 8:00am and stayed until 3:00pm when she again returned to the swamp for the night. By 8:00am Nov 18 she was once again back at the Gloucester County Landfill and still there at 9:00am the time of this map.

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what is our girl doing? there must be something at the landfill that she likes.I hope she doesn’t get into trouble,now she has me worried. wish she would come on home,i’m starting to think she is trying to do that and doesn’t know how.Thanks again for the up date,hope the next one she is somewhere else.come home girl.

isn’t she a naughty girl. I hope that she can find her way home for the holidays.

She likes to eat sea gulls. Plenty of them at the landfill.

Thanks again for the update on Azalea.I love seeing where she has been and guessing where she will go tomorrow. Can see her in my mind sitting on branch calling for dad for breakfast.

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Back to the dump! Shame on her! I hope shefineds a better area to hang out in and stays there.

sea gulls,that’s it,i forgot she likes them,thanks abner. i wish she would come home and let us all take care of her.thanks again

I didn’t know you had been updating since the storm. I have been looking at the old page before today. So glad that she made it through the storm. Thanks so much for the updates. Helen

I wonder who/what she may have plucking feathers off gulls. Sure never liked to do it herself. Would not touch the pigeon in the nest !