Posted by: rlukei | November 24, 2009

Azalea Still at Gloucester Landfill

Azalea has taken a real liking to the Gloucester County Landfill. The previous map on Nov 18 showed that she was spending her days at the landfill and her nights in the swampy area east of Adner, VA on US Route 17. She has not changed that routine between Nov 18 and 6pm Nov 23. Other than one 4 hour round-trip flight south to near Allmondsville, VA on the York River on Nov 20, she has done the same thing. Arrives at the landfill about 8 or 9am and returns to the swamp in the afternoon where she spends the night.

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Oh, Reese, how I wish our Diva would get away from the landfill. She still has time to make it home by Thanksgiving even on a side-trip to pick up HE and HK. That would be something special to be thankful for. I hope in my heart all 3 are safe and have sunshine on their backs for many, many years. I miss them so much. May you all always fly free of any harm.
Much love to you


I would wish she spent her days near fresh food not sea rats ( gulls ).
Hope she pays NBG a visit during Holidays maybe she will learn fresh is best πŸ™‚

Thanks for the update. That was a long trip she made. Shame she couldn’t have headed back home.

Wasn’t that her that Dad handed a fish off to in the air? That was a good photo!

I had envisioned poor Azalea feeding on rats and gulls but if the Gloucester County Landfill is the landfill I found on line she is living in luxury on 540 acreas of wetlands only 20% of which has been developed for the landfill and it’s buildings…

The Gloucester County Solid Waste Complex is owned and operated by the Gloucester County Improvement Authority. Located in South Harrison Township, the Solid Waste Complex is a sanitary landfill situated on a 540 acre tract of land. Currently the active landfill and supporting structures utilize 20 percent of the available area, the balance of the site remains undeveloped with parts used as a grassland bird habitat, for stormwater management and a visual buffer.

Is this the same place she is hanging out?

Thanks for all you do to keep us in the know Reese!

Dana Lusher

Thank you Dixie for such comments. You expressed what we all feel.

Happy first Thanksgiving Azalea. I hope you find yourself a nice plucked butterball turkey for your feast. One of the things I will be thankful for is being involved in watching you from egg to flying free. You and your siblings have given me lots to be thankful for – all of my new friends around the world, all because of chat and cam, all the wonderful experiences watching the three of you grow up and all the new things I have learned, all because of you.

Many thanks to Reese for these great updates.

Happy Thanksgiving


Dana – You have the right place. To see the landfill up close and see how large it is go to Search for Adner, VA then zoom in close. The landfill is NE of Adner a couple miles and clearly identifiable.

Have you been able to tell if she is plucking any fish from these rivers that she is near? Or is she simply dining on landfill food?

Thanks for the updates!

Thanks for the update on our Diva, aka Azalea. I’m amazed she’s stayed away from Dad so long! Glad to know where at least one of our sweet grown up bobbleheads is located. Miss seeing them with Mom & Dad. Hopefully next yr we can put transmitters on all the eaglets!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Margy – Azalea has to be getting fish from the lakes and rivers because she has only spent a relatively few days at the landfill.

Dana….thank you for posting the information on the landfill. It certainly changes the perception I had of Azalea’s environment at a landfill.

Thanks Dana. It is good to know she is actually spending her days in top of the line area instead of a slum area with lots to potentually hurt her. We tend to think “landfill” and think the worst but seems that isnt the case with her and this one. Maybe she even has her siblings with her there? Who knows? It would be great if we knew where they all are but that wasnt an option this year at least. Maybe in the future all can have transmitters? At least one of “ours” got one and there we are truely fortunate. Most times chicks fly away and leave us to wonder where they are and what they are doing. With her we know.

Thanks Reese for the updates and all you do to keep us informed not only of her location but for sharing your knowledge of all eagles via your classes at NBG. Wish all had the chance to attend.

I live close to the landfill in Gloucester and very close to the swampy area just East of Adner.

I’ve seen Azalea fly over a few times and she looks to be rather healthy. I hope she sticks around because I enjoy seeing her from time to time gliding over the tree tops.


Thanks for letting us know you have seen Azalea near the landfill. Do you know if other eagles are visiting the landfill? – Reese

I am thrilled to know thta you have seen Azalea and that she is healthy! If you can snap a picture we would be forever indebted to you….

Thank you Mike!!

I’m so happy someone has seen Azalea. Now we need a picture.