Posted by: rlukei | December 2, 2009

June 16 to Dec 1 Satellite Map

BONUS TIME!!! Here is a satellite map of the journey that Azalea has taken since she fledged from her nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden on June 16, 2009. After a one day round-trip on Aug 17-18 across the border into Currituck County, NC. Azalea left NBG on Aug 21 and flew directly to the Northern Neck (Upper Peninsula) of VA. She spent most of the next couple months exploring the Wicomico and Little Wicomico watersheds, but also taking short trips to the Rappahannock River. For the past couple months she has been checking out the Middle Peninsula of VA, especially the landfill near Adner, VA. On Nov 5 she made one brief flight across the York River and I-64 to just north of Williamsburg, VA. I hope you are enjoying following Azalea during her first year as she explores a world that is all brand new to her. – Reese

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Thanks for all your hard work with these updates. It is interesting to me to see where she has traveled.

This is a bonus πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas and thank you.

She is one traveling lady. Thanks again for the updates you have given on her. Helen

Thank you Reese for all that you do!!!

Thank you for all the updates. Its been most interesting following our girl as she explores her world. Stay safe dear Azalea.

Thanks, Reese. Looks like maybe a road trip might be in my future – a little over an hour to get up there.

Reese – What a super bonus – thanks for your time and patience – Susan

Reese, i want to thank you for all the up-dates about our girl. I know this must be hard at times for you ,to keep us all happy,but i know you understand,we all love our little girl. Hope you have a great xmas and of course our girl too.

Great map! Thanks so much! Have a Merry Christmas!

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