Posted by: rlukei | December 12, 2009

Preparing for 2010 Eagle Season at NBG

Both eagles and humans are busy preparing for the upcoming 2010 bald eagle nesting season at Norfolk Botanical Garden. On Friday Dec 11 both the adult eagles were in the nest (photo – male on left, female on right -notice how much larger she is) bringing new sticks and pine straw. We humans were busy cleaning and connecting the camera and replacing the infrared (IR) light provided by Virginia DGIF so that we can all view nest activity at night. Nate Jones from Nuckols Tree Care and Joe Foreman from NBG went up in a lift to the camera 80 feet above ground. Stephen Living, DGIF biologists, and I remained on the ground checking the computer hookups and confirming that the camera was working and sending out a picture. Last night I confirmed that the IR light was working. You can view some of the photos I took yesterday and this morning on the eagle forum sites and At WVEC, Pete McElween is creating a new web page for the eagle cam, which is scheduled to begin broadcasting with an improved picture shortly after the holiday season.

We all hope you are getting as excited about our next bald eagle season as we are. Azalea has shown us around many parts of eastern Virginia and seems to be getting closer to her home at NBG. At The Center for Conservation Biology we are planning to fit another NBG eagle with a satellite transmitter in 2010. Where will she or he wander??

Reese Lukei, Jr – CCB

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I am excited too, Reese. Thanks to all involved. Thanks for the screen shots. Mom and Dad are so beautiful.
However, as AZ HE and HK were my first from start to fledge – they will always have my heart. Especially Az – she is our Diva and my favorite. The best Cristmas present I could have -all 3 home .
I hope this season,upcoming, is as wonderful as the last. A wish in advanced for the babies to be healthy. I know they will be almost as perfect as my AZ. Thank you Reese and all involved.

Thanks for the updates Reese. I can’t wait for the new season to begin! To have another eagle with a transmitter is also exciting. Sure do wish Azalea would make her appearance at the garden so we can get some pictures of her now.


Thanks Reese.We drove to Tappahanock yesterday and saw a few juvies.And when I told my husband we needed to go to a landfill,he did give me a strange look. And I can understand why they love the Rappahanock River…it is a beautiful area.Appreciate your updates.

Looking forward to this years cam. If I can help out at the Garden let me know. If an eaglet needs a kitchen yo stay in, mine is available.

I can’t wait for the camera to be up and running. I am excited too. I have been watching the eagles for several years and have always found them fascinating! Azalea has been a joy to read about and I thank you so much for your postings on her. It will be exciting to see where next year’s eaglet will go. I hope the parents have a terrific new season and not too much drama as we have seen in the past.

Agains, many thanks.


Did the barn owl chicks on Cobb Iland make it through the storm? I hope soooo!!

Hey Reese,
Thanks for all the up-dates. I cann’t wait for the new season also.Mom and Dad look great,but they always do. I bet they have another bunch of pretty babies.But i think we all will always have a place for our “Ms.Diva”.Sure would be nice if she would come for a visit.Thanks again reese for everything you do for us.Keep up the great work.

Tracking data shows she is back in the Norfolk area. Is that true? Coming home for Christmas. Wouldn’t it be great if she showed up at the nesting area?

What a great surprise yesterday to bring up the site and see Mama and Papa on the nest. Can’t wait until it is available every- day! The eagle cam has been a great joy and educational tool this past year. Looking forward to the new year and a new group of young ones. Thanks to the team of people who make this all happen.

I have to agree with everyone that being able to witness the lives of “our” eagles is such a unique privilege. How lucky we all are, and Reese, your commentary is always so informative and wonderful. It’s so exciting to see mom and dad on the nest. Love our babies from last year – where oh where could HE and HK be? Wish we could know if they are alright. Azalea will always be our baby, though. Thanks for everything. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays Everyone! I do believe our Diva has come home to help us celebrate all the various holidays. According to the tracking site she made a long flight home and was just south of Norfolk on 12/13/09. Susan

Donna Manierre…No sorry to say the Barn Owl chicks at Cobb Island did not make it..

Is it possible for the eaglets to come back to NBC? Would the parents fight them off as they prepare the nest for next years eaglets? Have any babies returned to the nests in the past?

wow thank you merry christmas to all.

Thanks Reese for all those wonderful pictures on the forum. This pair is so beautiful,excited about the new season which is almost upon us. I couldn’t help but think of the safety of Azalea during the snowstorm that hit up around your area.I hope she is okay along with the rest of the youngters who are dealing with their first snow storm. Merry Chirstmas to all and many thanks for the good work you all do.I will have to check on my pair tomorrow. Been away for 10 days