Posted by: rlukei | December 22, 2009

Conowingo and Machipongo Update, Dec 22

As suspected, Conowingo continued her flight southward into North Carolina, and as of early this morning, Dec 22, has stopped at the Roanoke River east of Tarboro, NC.

Machipongo, after leaving Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach, flew to Williamsburg and has moved out to the James River just west of Williamsburg.

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I know where the name Machipongo came from, but where did Conowingo get her name? I’ve never heard that before. What made you suspect Cononwingo would continue into NC? Do you suspect these eagles migrate to where other eagles are?

Also do you know approximately when the EagleCam will be up and running? I can’t find any mention of it on WVEC.Com since they redesigned their website. I am really looking forward to the new season and the new, improved camera.

Thanks for your blogs. I have learned so much. Makes me wish I had studied harder at biology!

My husband surprised me today with a Webkinz eagle because I love watching them so much! I’ve named it Azalea after our beautiful bird.


Margy – The name Conowingo comes from the Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River in Maryland. It is a well known gathering place for bald eagles.

As I mentioned on my blog site, Conowingo traveled to NC in Jan 2009 and stayed there until March. Her flight path this past week indicated that she was making the same flight again.

The plan is to go live with the NBG eagle web cam on Jan 4. WVEC is writing a new program for the eagle cam and all their other web cams.

We need more Eagles in NC too !!!

Thanks for all your updates Reese.
Margy- the web address for our Eagle’s forum is: You are welcome to check it out and join us. Lots of info – even more important- some of the most beautiful pictures you will ever see of OUR EAGLES We have a great forum with wonderful people – come visit.

Can anyone tell us where Azalea is? There hasn’t been a post about her since the 19th.

I watched the weather over the weekend and worried about her since this is her first winter season.



Azalea is back in Gloucester County. Map be posted later

Thank you for the update!


Thanks Dixie…I have been to this website before, but had completely forgotten about it! Thanks for reminding me. I will check it out more often. Happy Holidays.


Happy and Safe Holidays to you too , Margy. The site is full of pictures of all kinds of birds , The NBG lights. Wonderful photographers and very nice people. You are welcome to visit often.

Where did Conowingo spend the majority of her time in NC last winter. I live in the RDU area and frequent Jordan Lake and Falls Lake to watch for eagles there. Seen what appeared to be a pair in October and November and there is a subadult that was there just this week at Jordan. Also saw a pair at Falls Lake in mid-November and a single adult just last Saturday.

My parents live on the Outer Banks, so when I head down 64 that, I am always looking. If I see any, it usually outside of Plymouth near an NC State research station or outside Creswell near some catfish breeding ponds. I have seen one in the Manns Harbor area twice and a local bait shop owener and a NC Aquarium worker told me a nest with a breeding pair had been spotted in an area called East Lake this past spring into the summer.

I really enjoy your blog and the eagle cam. Do you know of anybody in NC who does work equivalent to you? I saw my first eagle last year and have been hooked ever since.

Keep up the good work! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Margy – new pics of Buddy on forum – MUST SEE – too cute.
Stuart – I live in NC too and was on Jordan Lake in a cove – a pair flew in and landed on a branch . I was in Eagle Heaven. AWESOME. Keep having visions of packing up and movin to VA – LOL You wouls also love our forum-the address is in a post up above. Dixie

Dixiemom – Glad to hear from a fellow North Carolinian. What area of the lake were you on? When I saw the pair, I was on the dock at the New Hope Overlook boat ramp. What was so great about that day was that a sub-adult flew in and the male went chase and dive bomb it, then the female joined the chase. It was like watching a dogfight between jet fighters. I was lucky enough to get some good pictures of it. I am with you about moving up to VA to see more eagles. I hope to start seeing more here in NC in the coming years. Still waiting for the day when I see one perched in a tree at the pond on my grandparents farm outside of Rocky Mount. There is already one that I have seen on the Tar River reservoir several times in the past year. My families’ farm is only 2 miles north of the river, so there is a chance of seeing it one day. My girlfriend and I are supposed to go visit my parents in January at the Outer Banks. Maybe I can convince her to take a ride up the NBG to see famous pair. Thank you for letting me know about the forum. The pictures are great!

Dixie…those were great pics of Buddy. I visit the WCV site alot checking on news of him. Such a shame that he is unable to be released into the wild, but great to know that there is such a wonderful place for him. The other pics on the forum are wonderful. So glad you reminded me to visit that site!

I have visited the gardens a lot since the eaglecam came online! I love going there. The lights were fantastic. We haven’t been to see those since the very first year they went on display.

Have a wonderful New Year!