Posted by: rlukei | January 6, 2010

Azalea Explores Alligator River NWR


After arriving at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in Dare County, NC on Jan 2 about 5:00pm, she spent her first night just east of South Lake. The morning of Jan 3 she was up early and flew south crossing Rt-64 and continued almost to Whipping Creek Lake then reversed course and flew back north to Sawyer Lake where she spent the night. On Jan 4 and 5 she flew back and forth across Rt-64 exploring areas around South Lake on the north side of Rt-64 and Sawyer Lake on the south side of Rt-64. At the time of this satellite map (Jan 6 at 10:00am) she was near the northeast section of South Lake. To see a more detailed map of where she is, go to MapQuest and search Manns Harbor, NC then zoom in to the west along Rt-64 using the aerial map.

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YAY – come on to my house AZ. Welcome back to NC. Hope you will stay with us for a while.
Just take 64 on to Asheboro and you will be almost HOME.

Thanks Reese

Azalea – You are in beautiful country with lots and lots of wildlife – look out for the foxes and bears and alligators, oh my!!!!!! I also understand there are other bald eagles there too. I wonder if you joined some of the swans that migrate that way each year, or the geese, or the multitude of other birds that hang out there.

I bet you even got an OBX sticker on your transmitter. LOL

Hope you have a great new year and your travels keep you close to home.

Thank you Reese – ever wonder “what in the world is she thinking?” I know I do.

That’s a beautiful picture of her in flight. Thank you so much for her update.

If she is not feasting on the abundant waterfowl, there should be abundant croaker and stripped bass in the Albermarle and Pamlico Sounds.

Maybe she will stay in the asrea long enough that I maybe can catch a glimpse of her the next time I go that way.

Thanks for the update!

Off of Rt.64 going toward Stumpy Point..The Dare Co. Landfill…The Sound water is frozen in shallow parts now…Water temps are around 38 degrees..Alot of turtle strandings in the area..NC wildlife rescue is very busy..I think Az flew over Currituck Land fill in Maple on her way to Manns Harbor…

what a great picture of our girl,isn’t she great.take care girl,try to come by and see everyone again. thanks reese for everything that you and your staff do.