Posted by: rlukei | January 26, 2010

Azalea Again Stays at Alligator River NWR Jan 21-24


Azalea has pretty much stayed put through Jan 21 to midnight Jan 24. She made only one short trip southward on Jan 23 across Rt 64 to the farm fields. Other than that she has stayed around South Lake during the day and at her “roost” north of South Lake and south of East Lake at night.

Click on satellite map to enlarge full screen.

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As a resident of North Carolina that has spent many a summer on the Outer Banks, it is great to see Azalea has appeared to make NC her home this winter. With it appearing that she is going to the same place each night, could it be other eagles are gathering in that same place?

I have only seen one eagle in all my time down there. Hopefully I will begin to see more in the coming years. A local bait shop owner told me this past summer that a pair had nested on East Lake and that fisherman had sighted up to six at one time siting in the cedars and pond pines along the bank.

A nice Sunday drive might be in order! Thanks as always for the update, Reese.

Stuart – Yes, we do suspect that Azalea may be using what is known as a “communal roost”. CCB has contacted the biologist at Alligator River NWR. The real difficulty in making such a determination is the remoteness of the location, and that the area is closed to people. It is quite likely that Azalea is spending the night with other eagles, but finding out just how many is not going to be easy.