Posted by: rlukei | January 27, 2010

Has Azalea Found A Winter Home??


It certainly appears that Azalea has found a winter home. She arrived at South Lake in Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and is still there. For the time period Jan 24 at midnight through 9am Jan 27 (today) she stayed north of Rt 64. On Jan 24 she explored a section of the east side of East Lake, and on Jan 26 she explored a new section of the west side of East Lake. Every night she returns to what is certainly an eagle “roost”. For the first night she appears to have sat in the same tree for two nights in a row – Jan 25 and 26. Fishing must be good!!

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Good for her. She is settling in.

Good for her – she’s moved beyond the dum and those trashy birds!

oops – that was suppose to say “dump”

Thanks reese – she should be safe there.

Thanks Reese,

I watch all of your postings with great interest. Keep up the good work!!


Happiness is…a home away from a landfill!! I hope she stays right where she is instead of letting that eagle brain remember that nasty landfill. It certainly seems a better place for her.

What a special bird! If she only knew we knew where she is. I’m glad she’s found a place and is eating well for the winter AND safe from trains, planes and automobiles!!

Glad that she has settled in at a safe place. Thanks for the update. I often wonder where her siblings have went. Helen

Jan. 28, 2010. 10:00 AM Fox Creek. Allmondsville Gloucester Va Wonderful sight ! Pair of eagels make joyful noise as they hop from tree to tree top letting us know they are back (before the Ospray they fought so long last year) After much song and dance off they go. All within 5-10 min.

Looking like Azalea and her companions need to stick close. Major winter storm headed that way. Mainland Dare County could see up to 5 inches of snow with ice up to .5 inches.