Posted by: rlukei | February 22, 2010

Azalea Returns to Norfolk Botanical Garden?

It appears that Azalea returned to Norfolk Botanical Garden on Sunday Feb 21. I am awaiting a new satellite map and will post as soon as I receive it. Those watching WVEC web cam last evening would have noticed a change in the usual routine of the adults. The female did not take her usual evening flight but instead stayed on the nest incubating her eggs. The male sat on the “love branch” the entire time.

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Oh, how great! It will be so nice to see her again. Will they all get along?

Awww, how sweet she is to check in on home ground. I hope she stays around a while. I hope some of those photographers that are around there got to get a picture of her. Thanks for the update.

Thanks Reese. Was working at airport yesterday and “thought” I saw what could be her flying over late yesterday. One trip by parking garage was a “juvie” sitting on the dome thingy in water before garage entrance. Again “thought” I saw flash of something on birds back. Couldnt convince bird to turn around so couldnt say for sure. Of course in working situation, no camera. Working again today. May stick small camera in pocket but would not get very good pictures from road or car. We will see. Thanks again.

Great question! “Will they get along”?

Oh how great to have her back. I hope she sticks around. Maybe wants to meet her new siblings. Did anyone get pictures of her in the area?

Awesome, I think. Is this unusual for a eaglet to return home??? Steve said that NBG is too small for another eagle to call it home. will the parents chase her off and will they know she’s their eaglet? Do eagles “fight” other eagles?????

Azalea’s parents will treat her like any other intruder eagle at this point…especially with eggs in the nest, she would not be a welcome visitor.

How exciting! I feel that if she is around NBG, or even nearby, that at least one of our photographers will document it for us. Wouldn’t that be great?!!? She may not stay around for long…hope someone sees her.

At CCB, we often see immature eagles perched on active nests during the breeding season. We assume the resident breeding pair doesn’t feel threatened by other eagles that are not in adult plumage. Azalea is still in her first plumage (four years until she reaches adult plumage), so she could return to her natal area without being attacked by her parents at the NBG nest.

Thanks for the info Libby. I wouldn’t like to see Azalea’s own parents attack her. Hope someone gets some pics of her while she is around her natal area.