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Azalea Returns to Norfolk Botanical Garden


Azalea has returned home!!

On the last satellite map at 6:00pm Feb 23, Azalea was at Sajo Farms on Lake Lawson in Virginia Beach, VA. That is where she also spent the night. On Feb 24 she wandered around Lake Smith, made a short trip over to the western branch of the Lynnhaven River, spending the night at the end of Little Neck. On Feb 25 she traveled back to the Lynnhaven River visiting Little Neck and Thoroughgood and at midnight Feb 26 she was behind Independence Middle School. Again she wandered about the Lynnhaven River going to Great Neck andย First Landing State Park, then again spent the night behind Independence Middle School in Thoroughgood. On Feb 27 she wandered as far as East Ocean View in Norfolk and to Kemps Lake at Witchduck Road and I-264 in Virginia Beach. She then flew to Norfolk Botanical Garden arriving about 5:00pm and at midnight Feb 28 was just off the NBG entrance road between Mirror Lake and Friendship Pond. On Feb 28 she flew all the way to Hampton, Virginia and to Plum Tree National Wildlife Refuge in Poquoson, Virginia , turned around and flew right back to NBG and spent the night at Friendship Pond about 200 yards from the nest in which she was born. On March 1 she revisited Lake Smith, overflew Azalea Acres on one side of Lake Whitehurst, then Camellia Acres on the other side of Lake Whitehurst. Again she was back at NBG where at midnight March 2 she was near the entrance road between Mirror Lake and Friendship Pond. This satellite map at 9:00am March 2 shows she is across Lake Whitehurst from NBG in Camellia Acres at the end of Lilac Court.

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how cool is that,, I am going there now

That is so exciting! I hope someone can get a picture!


I think this is wonderful that she is home. I wish her mom and dad would be excited too …but know that won’t happen. I sure hope one of our wonderful photographers can get lucky enough to spot her and get us a new picture. At least we can be grateful that we know she is fine.
Thanks Reese for all your updates and great info on our beautiful Eagle Family.

The good news is that she’s still hanging around “home” and the bad news is that she’s going to drive us all crazy trying to find her!

How terrific is this! Unbelieveable that she is so close to the nest where she was born! She is home.

The tracking device is a wonderful tool. I am so glad she has it attached. Thanks so much for the updates. I love reading about our girl and her parents!

Oh how wonderful!!! Our Diva has returned. Maybe she has been flying with mom and dad and we just don’t know it. Reese – thank you so much for this information. How great is it to be able to track this eaglet so closely.

Thanks again for all you do.

everyone is right,\ms.Diva\ is home,hope one of the photographers can get a picture,we know they are looking.Thank god she is fine.she is home for a visit.maybe she came home to help \mom\ with her new little brothers and sisters. HA thanks reese for all you are doing with the updates and all.Thanks again,enjoyed the article in the newspaper on you.Thanks again

That’s great news! I’m just curious if other tracked eagles return home as well? I would assume its pretty normal behavior?

obxbarb, here is the link to the long list of Chesapeake Bay eagles CCB is tracking or has tracked (black are still active) –
You can sign-up for automatic updates on the full group or individual eagles. Some of these birds are summer visitors, others are full-time residents. You can tell when you open a bird’s map, plus there’s a written description for each eagle.

-Carla ๐Ÿ™‚

This is so amazing. Remember last summer when a young eagle was flying by the nest with the babies in it. Could he have been from the previous year. I’m so glad the she is home.

This is all so overwhelmingly exciting! I would love to be there to see her! Like others have said, I hope the photographers find her and get some pictures.

Reese, how long will this blog be up? From what Carla said, other eagles are tracked but only Azalea is tracked in this blog. Will this blog turn out to be for more than just Azalea? (i.e., an eaglet from this year)

Great news. I wish her parents would recognize her but not try to harm her. I know that would be natural for them to reject her. Thanks Reese for all the hard work you have put into keeping up with her and letting us all know what she is up to. Helen

This is wonderful! I hope I don’t have to work this weekend and Azalea is still hanging at the NBG.

She’s here for all the excitement at the nest. Just sitting back watching…..She will make her appearance, and all the photographers who have been anxiously waiting for that moment(along with all of us viewers) will be thrilled beyond words. Azalea will make her grand entrance a good one. We all be waiting and watching.
Thanks Reese for all your dedication….

FeatherFun – This blog is up as long as the satellite is sending data on Azalea. Too soon to know if CCB will use this blog site for another eagle, or establish another blog. We expected Azalea to wander widely. That is what most young eagles do. But, she does throw in a surprise once in a a while, like flying from NBG to Poquoson and back in just 4 hours.

How wonderful to know how far and wide Azalea has traveled! Now she is back home. She will drive the Eagle Papparazzi crazy trying to photograph her lol

Thanks, Reese, for all you do for the eagles and for us!!!

This IS exciting! I wonder if the folks on Lilac Ct. have seen her? Hope they are aware of all that goes on at NBG and would realize the significance of Azalea visiting their property! Maybe Mom and Dad visit there as well.

This is so exciting!!!! Hope someone catches a photo of her!!!! I wish I were there to see her too!!! Reese, thanks for giving us the latest info. I’m sure you would love to see her too!

Thank you Reese! I appreciate all you do. You make it fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

Note to Azalea: you have two new siblings and another on the way ๐Ÿ™‚