Posted by: rlukei | March 18, 2010

Azalea Flies West to Bertie County, NC


Azalea remained in the area of Roper, NC throughout March 15 and 16. She found a large catfish farm off  Research Station Rd. She roosted overnight March 15, 16, and 17 just south of the research station. At 1pm March 17 she apparently had her fill of catfish, and left flying west across the mouth of the Roanoke River and into Bertie County. She flew north of Windsor, NC and crossed U.S. Rt 13 and by 4pm she had located the Bertie County Solid Waste Facility (landfill) south of Burden, NC. Since this map ends at 5pm I do not know if she visited the landfill. Just have to stay tuned until the next map.

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I hope she stays away from those land fills.
Thanks for the update. Helen

She sure is the wanderer.

Me too, Helen. Catfish are so much better 🙂

Bless her heart, she’s a real hunter for the fish. thanks reese for keeping us posted! You’re doing a wonderful job at it.

Is it normal for a young eagle to move around as much as Azalea does? Do the other eagles that have a transmitter attached show the same type of behavior? Thanks Reese for keeping us up to date on her movements.

Jim – Yes, Azalea is doing just what we would expect her to do. Wander and explore. The Center for Conservation Biology biologists have fitted over 60 bald eagles with satellite transmitters. All the juveniles wander about. You can see their journies at then click animals, birds, eagles.

The direct link to our ‘Bald and Golden Eagles of the Chesapeake Bay’ project page, listing all of the eagles we are tracking is

P.S. Azalea does not appear in that list, since she is part of a project specific to the Norfolk Botanical Garden nest. Her wildlife tracking page is

Both of these links to tracking are resident in the right column of this blog permenantly, under “Blogroll.”