Posted by: rlukei | April 4, 2010

Azalea Still at NC Fish Research Station

Azalea map 040310

As of April 3, Azalea is still at the Tidewater Research Station in Plymouth, NC. She has been there since March 25. Link to Azalea’s page.

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This is great , Reese. Do you ever contact these places she visits to let them know she is there ?
Just wondering … so they might be on the look out for her. Have been to their website and plan to go back when I can break away from the babies lol. She is still closer to you than she is to me ….but will make the drive if I think I can find her. I need her programmed into a GPS lol.
Thank you again for EVERYTHING you do for us and our Eagles.

Ugh on the new style map. Scale is too small and ugly too. If There’s no rights issues you should go back to the overlays on the Google maps.

Robert – Sorry to cause some confusion about the map. This map is from the wildlifetracking web site. I have not yet received the detailed data to post the Google map you usually see. Probably get that today. Not only was yesterday Sunday but Easter as well.

Dixie – Yes I have talked to the manager of this research station and he assures me that Azalea has plenty of eagle friends at his fish farm.

I hope you get the chance to visit that area. If you do, will you have some type of device that will help you locate Azalea?
I enjoyed your class on Saturday!!!


Thank you so much for your answer , Reese. That is wonderful news and good to know that folks are aware of the “Star” they have visiting with them. Glad to know she also has plenty of Eagle friends to keep her company.

1. What happened to the map of her Halifax County/Courtland/Norfolk trip?
2. Is there a way the overlays can be seen through normal access to Google Earth? It would be nice to be able to do our own zooming.
3. If you were fortunate enough to receive a really large donation for tracking, would you want to track 2 eaglets from this year’s nest, or do you feel one each year is enough?
Thanks so much for all your efforts to share your team’s research with the public.

Cary Question #1 – The map is still posted. On right side scroll to Archives. Click on Month then March 2010 – posted on March 23.

Question 2 & 3 – I am seeking proper answer for you and will let you know – I hope later today.