Posted by: rlukei | April 13, 2010

Azalea Visits Virginia Beach Again!!!


Our girl Azalea likes to do her own thing, without telling us in advance. She left the catfish farms in Washington County, NC on the evening of April 5, flying across Albemarle Sound into Bertie County just 10 miles away. For all day April 6 she sauntered up and down the shoreline south of Elmwood, NC (while I was looking for her across Albemarle Sound near Plymouth). She spent another night there then about 11:00am April 7 headed north across Chowan and Gates counties and back into Virginia, flying across the Great Dismal Swamp NWR and by 4:00pm was back at Little Creek Reservoir near Shore Drive in Virginia Beach. She stayed overnight in Lakeview Park on Lake Smith. The next day, April 8 she wandered about Diamond Springs Estates then flew to Little Neck, made two excursions to Great Neck, then back to Little Neck for the night – less than one mile from my house – without letting me know she was there! Having seen enough of Virginia Beach for the time being, she left headed south back to North Carolina and the North River in Currituck County where she visited in March. After spending the night she flew to new territory at the mouth of the Little River on Albemarle Sound and south of Elizabeth City near Listers Corner in Pasquotank County. Azalea stayed there for April 11 and that is where we find her at midnight April 12.  Thanks to Libby Mojica there are two maps this time including a close-up of her visit back to Virginia Beach.

Click on maps to enlarge.

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Reese…I think Azalea came looking for you. She seems to like coming back to her old home.

I think you 2 will run into each other eventually.

Thanks for the updates.

Reese, perhaps Azalea is playing games with you and I think she is winning!! Maybe if you leave some fish in your back yard, she may stop by on her next visit to the neighborhood. 😉 Seriously, thank you very much for sharing with so many interested fans!

our ms.diva is something else, she loves to see things,reese i think she is looking for her “daddy’,and that is you ,lol. i believe we will see her again and someone will get a good picture of her and then we all will see how much she has grown.reese,thanks again for everything you and everyone is doing ,so we can keep up with all the eagle,i enjoy them each day.these parents are wonderful,and have 3 more great kids.thanks again reese.

I know where she is ..Harvy Point in Hertford..fished that water many times.lots of white perch now also fish on spawning beds.Az gave me the slip in Wicomo twice went to find her.Reese did you hear giggling and a rasberry..that was Az giving you the slip too

she is at Harvy Point..owned by gov. train CIA and FBI .bombing target is in sound.she won’t stay too much noise.heading back to fish farm most likely

Mr. Lukei – The dedication of you and your staff to the NBG Eagles is much appreciated. I never miss a day to check in for an update. Thank you all – Susan

Patty – Azalea is actually in Pasquotank County just south of Listers Corner. Harvey Point is in the next county west, Perquimans, and at the mouth of the Perquimans River.

I edited my post to be more precise about her location.

LOL Reese , I am so sorry AZ did not come by and ring the door-bell at your house. I think she is wanting to tease you bad . That GPS is sounding good. My boss is ready to program the GPS with her location now. He wants to see her as badly as the rest of us. I just hope soon she lets somebody get a glimpse and a picture.
Thank you for keeping us up to date and I so hope that you do eventually get to see her – that would certainly be a thrill.

Reese – I only hope that YOU will be the one to see her and get that photo – the one that will make “YOU THE MAN” as our photographers like to call each other when they get “THE PHOTO”. Thank you for all you do to teach us about these amazing birds.

Thanks so much for the update. I love hearing about her travels…and how she manages to avoid you! LOL I sincerely hope one day soon you will get to see her. I know I am going to miss her when the day comes that the transmitter no longer transmits. It is always a pleasure to read about her.

Thanks for your dedication to this project!

From the map, she could have been sitting right in my backyard in Gardenwood Park!!! Thanks Libby & Reese for always providing us updates!