Posted by: rlukei | April 15, 2010

Back to the Catfish Ponds


Catfish are just too tempting and must be easy to catch. After spending April 10-13 on the east shore of the Little River in Pasquotank County, NC, Azalea left there about 9:00am April 14 flying directly to the catfish ponds in Washington County east of Plymouth, NC, a short flight of about 30 miles. She returned to the “communal roost” south of the Tidewater Research Station and that is where she was at the time of this satellite map, 8:00pm April 14.

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That’s our girl! Those catfish must be very tasty! LOL

I was down there on the 15th between 7 and 8 am, saw some pretty juvies, not sure if Azalea was one of them, my camera is not the best

Randy – Check your photos closely. Azalea was in the area of the catfish ponds near the research station.

rlukei – did you tell her you were heading back to Virginia so she decided to head in the opposite direction?! AZ is a tease! Susan

Reese our baby Diva luvs those catfish.

Randy – how lucky you would be to get the 1st picture of AZ. Well to be in the presence of numerous beautiful juvies – guess that makes you lucky any way. Keep trying and good luck


Randy, “if” that was Azalea, send photos to Reese and have him post her here!! She is a special eagle to a lot of us. She must be getting very large eating all that wonderful catfish!! I wonder what juvie was flying around yesterday at NBG?