Posted by: rlukei | April 21, 2010

Catfish, Catfish and More Catfish


Not much new this time. Azalea arrived back at the catfish ponds east of Plymouth, NC on April 14 and has not left.  As of 10am April 21 she is still there. Each night she returns to the communal roost with other eagles. On her first visit she stayed there for 12 days. This is her 8th consecutive day on this second visit. Who said there was no such thing as a free (catfish) lunch!!

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At least she returns to roost with the other eagles, wonder if she found someone as special as she is…..hope she’s caught some good size cat fish to hoard on1 plump her up!! thanks Reese.

We are trying soooooo hard to keep her here !!!
Thanks Reese


Do people get upset that the eagles are feasting on the catfish?

Reese…I don’t know very much about catfish farms except that the fish are raised for eating. So my concern is that the owner of the farms might not like losing their catfish to the birds. Which makes me wonder if Azalea might be in danger of being hurt or killed by a farmer who doesn’t realize she is a juvie eagle. Do you have any knowledge of this type of thing happening? Also does there seem to be other eagles in that area that she may be with?

Thanks for posting. I do hope she will not be in harms way while fishing.

Azalea is one smart eagle! She knows a good thing when she sees it! Reese, are you thinking of going back to the catfish ponds to visit her?? Try catfish in your back yard. She may come to visit you!! ;-D

Margy – As I state in this post, Azalea returns to a “communal roost” with other eagles. On my visit there a couple weeks ago, there were 20 other eagles at the catfish ponds. There are several hundred acres of catfish ponds, so the eagles are eating a very small amount of the catfish being raised there.

Thanks for responding Reese. I didn’t realize she was at the same communal roost as before. I also didn’t realize there were so many acres of catfish ponds! Glad to know then that she isn’t in danger from catfish farmers.

I prefer mine fried, but otherwise have to approve of Azalea’s choice of dinner. I wish we could know if HK or HE were there as well. It’s fun to imagine.

GemKitten – When I visited the research station, I saw 20 other bald eagles. About 10 were close enough to view with my scope and they were not banded. I was looking for HE and HK as well as Azalea.