Posted by: rlukei | April 28, 2010

Azalea – “I Am Still Eating Catfish”


Azalea – ” I arrived back here at the catfish ponds south of Roper and east of Plymouth, NC on April 14. This is my third time visiting these ponds. I first located some smaller ponds north and east of Roper on March 9th and then on March 15, 16 and 17 found these much larger ponds. They cover a few hundred acres along with some pasture land. I left on March 17 to make a trip back to Norfolk, but returned here near the Tidewater Research Station on March 25 and remained until April 6 when I again made a quick trip to Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Fishing is good here and I have the company of about 20 other bald eagles. Other than a brief flight into Bertie County near Merry Hill on April 18, which is just across the west end of Albemarle Sound, I have stayed right here. Each night I rest in a communal roost with other eagles that is in a patch of woods just southwest of these ponds. That is where I am at 7am April 27. This is my 14th day here on this visit.”

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Well thank you Azalea for the info.And very nice of you to give Reese a break.

Azalea – I appreciate you keeping us updated, and I am so pleased that you have met other eagle friends to hang out with. Happy Fishing!

Hi there,ms.diva,so you still like catfish,you know they are going to make you bigger and strong.sounds like you have find some friends also, take care girl,if you can,come and visit anytime,we would love to have up to date pictures,maybe you could sit for them,now we all know you like to move around alot,but maybe you could see to sit for pictures.we all love you.

Azalea, you traveling wonder!! And, so many eagle friends to hang out with. Do they even know what a celebrity you are?? One day, you may make one of them famous yourself and you won’t even know it. You make those other eagle friends watch your back. Give um a cat fish or two…You keep your Uncle Reese busy now. We love hearing from you.

What a good girl you are for calling home to let us know what is going on…. 🙂

Thank You Azeala. We all love you.

Hey Baby Diva – when you get tired of those old catfish – I have your room all ready and waiting. Nice brand new BIG lake freshly stocked with fish.
Hope to see you soon in mid NC !!!
Thanks for letting us know you are ok.

Is she considered a cat fish poacher?

Oh my dear dear Azalea!! I am so glad you took the time to send us this message. You know, Reese has been so busy and I am sure he appreciates you doing this for him. I do hope that your brother and sister are with you and the three of you are having a wonderful time. Stay safe dear girl, soar in the thermals and always, always remember where you come from.

hey Azalea, I was down there on Thursday looking for you, from 6 am until around 7:45am, took some photos of ur friends, would like for someone to take a look to give me an idea of your coloring at this time of the year….brown or grayish?

I like catfish myself so can understand why you’re staying there.