Posted by: rlukei | May 3, 2010

Azalea in Perquimans County, NC


Azalea has finally left the catfish ponds in Washington County, NC east of Plymouth. She spent April 27 thru about noon April 30 at the catfish farm. She made one brief flight on April 28 north of Route 64 but came right back. At noon April 30 she made a direct flight northeast across Albemarle Sound to the east side of the Perquimans River in an area known as Durants Neck. From April 30 through 3pm today, May 3, she has been at a large pond that is east of Muddy Creek Road and west of Rocky Street in Perquimans County. Click on map to enlarge.

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Maybe she finally got tired of catfish – needs something new for dinner.
Thanks for keeping us posted on our beautiful Diva, Reese

I so look forward to your posts about our Azalea.
Thank you Reese. And just think, we will have a new eaglet to follow before long from NBG.


Maybe our girl really wore out her welcome with her peers at the farm. The Diva in her you know . LOL

I was a bit surprised at the overall complexity involved in procedure to affix the transmitter + vest as well as the relatively large size and weight of the unit . Excuse what may be a dumb question but is not there any alternative technology such as a subcutaneous implant or other method of attachment of a micro-chip type of tracking device?

Looking forward to following Camellia on her travels. It will be interesting to see if she and Azalea are ever in the same spot at the same time.

This is a response to Eagle Eye. There are many types identification and tracking tools used in wildlife research. Specific ones are made for birds vs land mammals, marine mammals, reptiles, etc. The backpack transmitter is the least invasive option for tracking large birds like eagles. Subcutaneous tags used on domestic mammals are not used on birds (to my knowledge). Metal leg bands give us one way to track the eagle, but those require humans to see the band and report the sighting. The transmitter will give us extensive locational data on the eagle without having to recapture the bird or disturb it to observe the band code.

now ms diva will have her sister with her,they were saying this morning they didnt know if it was a male or female,did you see how big the first eagle is,its got 2 b a girl,she is big like her you are something else,we all love you and now your sister too.cannt wait to see what you have been up too.