Posted by: rlukei | May 12, 2010

Azalea Returns to Catfish Ponds – Again!


Our last satellite map May 3 showed that Azalea had flown on April 30 to Perquimans County, NC and was staying at a large pond that I think is named Muddy Creek. She remained there until 11:00am May 5 when she flew across Chowan County south of Edenton to the southern tip of Bertie County south of Merry Hill. She overnighted there then about 10:00am May 6 returned to the catfish ponds east of Plymouth, NC in Washington County. Other than a brief flight north across Rt 64 on May 11 she has remained at the catfish ponds on the east side of this large 500 acre size area. Each night she returns to the same communal roost that she has used before.

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She sure seems to have a fondness for catfish πŸ™‚ <3

i think our ms diva likes catfish.i wish she would come home and visit her brothers and “sister”
everyone has been enjoying the new babies and the old ones,thanks for everything you guys do ,so we can all watch.everyone needs to donation if they havent yet.thanks again

I think she has found her home. Seems to be drawn to that ponds. Why not….so many cat fish!!
Thanks for the updates……